Interesting Options For Email Signatures That Are Worth Looking At

Interesting Options For Email Signatures That Are Worth Looking At

E-marketing has long had its marketing department. An email has been around for decades, so it’s hard to pick a recipient from your inbox. For this reason, companies use all means to attract the attention of recipients to the letters sent to them, which are often promotional. Successful companies use one of the most effective B2B marketing channels: email. In 2023, there are many interesting ways to attract attention to the letter that lands in the recipient’s inbox, including catchy subject lines, catchy headlines, and compelling opening messages. To create such a message, it is important to familiarize yourself with the email signature samples so that the email signature you have created is not ignored. In this article, we will look at some interesting trends in the e-marketing industry that you can apply to your 2023 marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Seven important marketing tips for creating a creative and interesting email signature that will meet modern trends

Email signatures are nothing new. But these marketing aspects are only the beginning. The latest research shows that sales and marketing departments can get the most out of email signatures if they are properly created and used, it is becoming a very important marketing strategy in many companies.

Rule 1. Minimalistic and clean email signature design

Marketing and design go hand in hand. So before we talk about marketing trends, it’s important to talk about graphic design trends in 2023. Email signatures are meant to help people learn more about you and your business, but that’s not always the case. After all, you need to make a generally positive impression about yourself and your business activity. According to 2023 design trends, the serif font family is the best choice for most marketing emails. It is a huge library that includes a large number of affordable fonts that look attractive and are used by a large number of companies in their marketing efforts. Stick to one font when creating an email signature. If you choose a specific font in the email signature, all contact information must be written in this font. It is best to use the same font on images. If you don’t like any of the available fonts, make sure you’re using a safe font. This way you know your fonts will display correctly on any device or software. It is very important, you should not forget that you must strictly adhere to one font when creating your email signature. If Arial is selected, all contact information must be in Arial.

The calm color palette, which is used in the created email signature

Bright, desaturated colors delight the eye of potential recipients. It calms people down and creates a sense of calm. Interestingly, people pay more attention to desaturated colors than to light palettes. Limit your email signature design to two colors that will be the main colors in your email signature. For example, you can make the overall theme dark gray and create an additional dark green shade for additional information. If you don’t have a brand, use company colors, ask a designer for advice, or use the example of email signature to choose the perfect combination of colors for your email signature. Squares, triangles, circles, etc., try different geometric shapes in the header to the email signature, and try using them. Simple geometry will be a key design trend in 2023. The combination of these elements with desaturated colors makes any image attractive and stylish. Simplicity is also important when designing social media icons and CTA buttons. Use flat icons and banners to highlight what you need in your email signature to draw the attention of potential recipients to important details.

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Rule 2. HTML signature

A few years ago, companies did not have email signatures at all or only used plain text signatures. In 2023, everything has changed dramatically, as more and more companies use HTML email signatures to create their well-known brand and effectively achieve marketing goals. According to recent surveys, more than 80% of professionals who use email signatures in business communications plan to use email signatures for marketing purposes. This is not at all surprising. Much the same has happened on most social media platforms. Originally used for personal purposes, this app has now evolved into a powerful marketing and sales tool. Interestingly, brands are beginning to actively use email signatures not only in everyday business correspondence but also in automated newsletters. This is quite useful for personalizing automated messages. Especially if the e-mail contains only informative statistics.

Rule 3. Matching the created email signature with the brand identity

HTML email signatures offer better personalization options. In 2023, email signatures should reflect your brand identity or support your brand. If you’re a YouTube blogger who makes interesting travel videos, your email signature should be cool and fun. On the other hand, as an employee of a large and well-known company, it would be nice for you to have common handwriting with your colleagues with whom you work in the same company. Email signatures should use company colors, fonts, and the same design. Therefore, in 2023, the best practice is to have one person responsible for developing email signatures for each employee in the company. This person should create email signature templates that are used throughout the company (or individual marketing departments). To do this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the functionality offered by various platforms for creating and managing email signatures, which teams can use to automate the creation and distribution of their email signatures to effectively achieve various marketing goals.

Rule 4. Automation process for creating an email signature in companies

According to recent surveys, in 2023 more than 60% of professionals regularly or occasionally used a generator to create quality email signatures for useful marketing purposes. The growing need to automate marketing campaigns for email signatures is contributing to the growth of the software market for creating informative email signatures. There are different tools for creating an email signature for different purposes. Let’s look at some of them.


MySignature aims to make email signatures accessible to everyone. Their online editor is ideal for individuals and small businesses who want their email signatures to be noticed by recipients. Add a call-to-action button to your email signature, custom opt-out options, virtually any email signature design customization, and more with a variety of options to easily create a truly unique email signature. There is also a simple panel where you can copy your created email signature. So the email signature you created can serve as an example for others in the future.


The Newoldstamp email signature generator has most of the same useful features as MySignature. However, this generator is designed with the needs of large companies in mind. Of course, it is an opportunity to create email signature templates, integrate with various marketing platforms, and download created email signatures for all your employees in just a few clicks in a minimum time.


In case you’re looking for an easier way to create a basic email signature, check out HubSpot’s generator. It doesn’t have all the features of the previous tools, but it makes creating HTML email signatures just as easy.

Rule 5. Segmentation process

The emergence of marketing platforms for quickly creating an email signature has allowed companies to use different email signature models in different departments. Marketers can modify email signature elements and call-to-action buttons according to their marketing goals. Organize your email signatures by class. Include a link to the demo in your sales messages and a “Write a review” subject line for your customer service team. Include a link to your media kit in your PR messages, or include a link to a recent blog post in your marketing manager’s header. Changing your email signature is also important, whether you’re sending emails internally or externally. At different stages of communication with potential customers, different types of email signatures can be used, for example, cold emails, promotional emails, replies, and forwarding of various promotional offers that are currently available in your company.

Rule 6. Automatic banner campaigns

Banner campaigns can turn your email signature into an additional effective marketing tool. Running banner campaigns with email signatures will be a big trend in 2023 thanks to the improved automation of these campaigns. Some email signature marketing services simply update all employees’ email signature headers through their dashboards, set campaign start and end dates, and track CTR with built-in analytics. Consider the different banner campaigns with an email signature available to you to create a new way to advertise as effectively as possible. You can combine Facebook, Google, and banner campaigns. The second type is different only because you already have the customer’s email address, so this is the next step in the sequence.

Rule 7. Further analysis

In the digital world, all marketing activities are measurable. In 2023, brands will also start making data-driven business support decisions. When starting an email signature marketing campaign, the most important KPIs are emails sent, impressions, and clicks. The number of emails sent is the first piece of data to help you gauge potential results. It works like a classic email campaign. Impressions are the number of views of your email signature. You can tell if the email was opened by the recipient, and how many times the recipient viewed the email, just by looking at the impressions. Clicks (click rate) are probably the most important indicator. You can add links to your logo, website, CTA button, social media icons, and various advertising banners in your email signature. Determining what works best is critical to any marketing campaign your business runs.

Email signature marketing is growing actively in 2023

E-mail is one of the most effective and common methods of business communication in terms of return on investment. Therefore, marketers are looking for various affordable and effective ways to use this lead generation channel to maximize brand awareness and retain existing customers. Email signature marketing has become another marketing channel that will continue to grow over the next few years. So if you want to know exactly what is happening in 2023, it is important to follow the current trends in email signatures:

  • Use a minimal and clear design in your email signature;
  • Make sure that your email signature fully matches your brand identity;
  • Automate marketing activities using the email signature management tool;
  • Organize several email signatures for each class;
  • Advertise your offer and increase brand awareness with the help of a banner campaign with the active use of an email signature.

If you treat your email signature as an effective marketing channel with your goals, KPIs, and other metrics in mind, as well as following the latest trends and best practices, your next email signature marketing campaign can surprise you and show the highest results. the results.

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