Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast- Everything We Know So Far

Iron Fist Season 3

Superheroes and their charm never fades away, as any Marvel fan will tell you and Iron Fist season 3 promises the same. More of this magic was seen in the Marvel show Iron Fist with Danny Rand, a martial artist who explores the mystical powers of the ‘Iron Fist’. With its latest season released over 4 years, Iron Fist season 3 is long overdue. In this article, we figure out the release date, the possible plotline and the star cast of the newest installment of Iron Fist.

The huge fandom that Marvel has garnered over the years is not without reason. With innovative storylines and well sketched characters, newer shows and superheroes are quickly loved by the fans. One such show is the Iron Fist that had enthralled fans for its first 2 seasons. But since the last season ended in 2017, fans are impatient for Iron Fist Season 3. Here is all we know so far about the newest season of this Marvel show.

When will Iron Fist Season 3 release?

Iron Fist Season one wasn’t well regarded and loved amongst the viewers. But season 2 was an improvement, and it was more trendy and popular than season one. That is why fans are thinking that season 3 would of course be out soon. But once the news of Season 3 cancellation  was announced on 7 Sept 2018, many hearts were broken. An official from Marvel said that the management has decided that Iron fist season 3 would not return on Netflix. Some agencies said that there are some conflicts between Marvel Universe and Netflix due to the less viewership of Marvel’s shows on Netflix. This resulted in the untimely cancellation of Iron Fist Season 3.

What will be the plot of Iron Fist Season 3?

When will Iron Fist Season 3 release?

It was revealed in subsequent interviews that creators had already chalked up the idea for Iron Fist Season 3. Danny finally would have gotten into his role being totally accomplished, totally charged up, and finally in control of his life. It was planned to be this great story with Danny and keep off in foreign lands as a friend comes back into his life. And then, Colleen in New York city is isolated with this new power of hers. She is now troubled to come back to terms along with her identity and with this power. At some point, they would meet once more and share a great dynamic with their superpowers and chemistry.

What will the cast of Iron Fist Season three look like?

If Iron Fist Season three returns, perhaps it might have some inclusions or new faces. However it is likely that the cast will stay the way it was in seasons one with a few additions. To date, there’s no official data relating to the complete team for Iron Fist season three. The protagonist of the show Finn Jones additionally showed his discomfort at the cancellation of his show.

The main team includes Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, and Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum. The team also includes Ramón Rodriguez as Bakuto, Sacha Dhawan as Davos, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, David Wenham as Harold Meachum, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, and Alice Eve as “Typhoid Mary” Walker.

Our final word on the fate of Iron Fist Season 3

With Iron Fist season 2 long gone down the trail of time, the wait for the next season is wearing out. The last official announcement by Netflix was about the untimely cancellation of the show, which makes the fate of Iron Fist season 3 quite bleak. But with new revelations about the potential storyline of the new season, there might still be hope. Nonetheless, as Marvel has often done, the beloved characters might still be seen in other shows. This could give the fans something to root for.


1. Will there be Iron Fist Season 3?

According to the latest official announcement by Netflix, Iron Fist season 3 is cancelled.

2. Is Danny no longer the Iron Fist?

After Danny transferred his powers to Okoye to defeat Hierophant, Danny ceased to be the Iron Fist.

3. Is Iron Fist coming back to Disney?

The last official announcement by Netflix was about the untimely cancellation of the show, which makes the fate of Iron Fist season 3 quite bleak.

4. Is Joy Meachum a villain?

After the finale of Iron Fist Season 1, it is safe to say that Joy Meachum will emerge as a villain in the new season.

5. Why is Davos’ Iron Fist red?

In the comics, red implies a corrupted or tainted connection to Shou-Lao’s power. This could be the reason for Davos’ red Iron Fist.

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