Is The OA Season 3 Really Happening? Know Here

Is The OA Season 3 Really Happening? Know Here

We know you must be thinking that Netflix made it pretty clear that The OA Part 3 will not see the light of day but why the speculations of a new season have started? Well, that’s because a series of mysterious posts by Zal Batmanglij, co-creator of the show, are creating a buzz over the OA season 3 rumors. These posts do not clearly say that a new season is coming but they signal a possibility.

What are these posts about?

First, Batmanglij posted a 10 seconds video of black water, following four posts, the first one containing a pink block, the next one with just the letter ‘f.’ on white background, another one with a blue block and the final one, a yellow block with the caption- Cryptic queen. If this isn’t cryptic then what is. These posts were enough for OA fans to go bonkers. 


As soon as he posted, fans started solving the puzzles. While some related the tiles and their colours with what Homer said to OA in the end, some speculated the date is significant as there was one tape that appeared on May 23 in the series, the same day Batmanglij posted on Instagram.

When does The OA return?

With all these signals from the creators, it can be assumed that the OA part 3 is in the pipeline, however, nothing can be confirmed yet. Also, OA fans truly know how much the creators like to puzzle the audience so it could be just a move to arouse curiosity. For now, nothing has been confirmed by the creators or the official streaming platform of the OA series, Netflix.

What does the cast have to say about it?

As mentioned there has been no confirmation however, The OA star Jason Isaac confirms on July 8 that the OA cancelled seasons will not be returning to our screens. He added that while he was disappointed with the cancellation, he made peace with it as he was a part of a series, which was the most brilliant, original and imaginative show in his 32-year long career.

Why was the OA cancelled?

In an official statement released by Netflix head of original series Cindy Holland said, “We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of The OA, and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry… We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.”

Like the OA series came out of nowhere, the cancellation of the OA season 3 was also unexpected. As the OA series was planned in 5 parts, and the last season left many questions unanswered which were supposed to unravel in the next series, it isn’t possible to club all the plots in a movie because the runtime of the movie wouldn’t be sufficient to come to a conclusion that complements the series.

Netflix does not release its viewership data, so it would just be an assumption to say that the show did not gain popularity. Brit Marling, co-creator and playing the titular role in the series, bid her farewell through a long Instagram post in which she mentioned what a disheartened fan told her, “you know, what I’m really protesting is late capitalism. Algorithms aren’t as smart as we are. They cannot account for love.” It did hint that the show could have ended because of less viewership or other corporate needs but it does not take away the fact that the OA series has a strong fanbase.

While the chances of The OA season 3 are bleak, fans continue to pour their love and hope for a new season. If not in this dimension, then maybe in another we might be able to tie the loose ends.

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