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Jasmine Johnson Bio: A Celebrity Kid in the Spotlight

Jasmine Johnson Bio: A Celebrity Kid in the Spotlight

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, professionally known as The Rock, is the proud father of beautiful little Jasmine. She is the second child of the former professional wrestler, actor, and producer. When Jasmine was around 4 days old, her father introduced her to the world through an Instagram post. The video went viral in a very short period. 

About Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine was born on the 16th of December, 2015 to Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian. The couple had her out of wedlock but now they are happily married. Jasmine is an American citizen by birth. She has one younger sibling, Tia Giana Johnson (sister), and one step-sibling, Ava Raine (sister). The retired wrestler had Ava with Dany Garcia, his former wife. Jasmine is a true winner of hearts and she continues to reach millions of hearts every single day through her super cute photos and videos put out on social media by her parents. 

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How did Jasmine Rise to Fame?

As we discussed, this adorable little girl garnered the media’s attention when she was just four days old. She became famous when her dad posted a video on his Instagram handle. Dwayne never misses sharing cute photos and videos of her on social media. As a result, her popularity never fades. 

The Rock loves spending time with his daughters. What he loves, even more, is to capture those precious moments and share them on social media. If you check his Insta, you will see that he recently posted a thread of photos where his girl had painted his head pink.  

Lauren Hashian, little Jasmine’s mother, also shares her photos and videos on Instagram. Jasmine is a celebrity kid and she never shies away from the camera. 

About Jasmine Johnson’s Parents and Family

Her parents met for the first time in Boston in the year 2006. During that time, Dwayne was shooting for “The Game Plan”, a family comedy film. They fell in love soon enough and started dating each other. The couple dated for over a decade and finally tied the wedding knot in 2019. In April 2018, Jasmine was diagnosed with some health problems, for which, she had to be rushed to the hospital. 

In terms of her ethnic background and ancestry, Jasmine is partially Samoan and partially black through her father’s lineage. She comes from a long line of professional wrestlers. Jasmine’s grandfather, Rocky Johnson, was a professional wrestler from Amherst, Canada. Her great-grandfather, from her grandmother’s side, was a Samoan-American professional wrestler, stunt coordinator, and actor.

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