Jeff Lerner Review: Unbiased Look at ENTRE Blueprint Course by the Business Owner

Jeff Lerner Review: Unbiased Look at ENTRE Blueprint Course by the Business Owner

Jeff Lerner is a successful entrepreneur with over ten years of experience running profitable online businesses. He’s also a content creator, author, public speaker, husband, father, and fitness enthusiast. He created the ENTRE Institute as an education platform, which includes the ENTRE Blueprint, an online training program for beginners. He teaches different ways of managing digital real estate such as affiliate marketing, running digital agencies, and creating online courses.

In the following article, we are going to do a thorough Jeff Lerner review and take a look at the six highly controversial opinions surrounding his ENTRE Institute. Let’s begin.  

6 Controversial Opinions on Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute 

1. Locked Training and Upsells

The ENTRE Institute offers various levels of training, each with its own price tag. The ENTRE Blueprint costs $39 and provides an overview of the fundamental concepts covered in higher-level courses, such as affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and course creation. The primary course costs $4000 and provides in-depth training on these business models. Additionally, to handle client payments, you must purchase their CRM system, EntreSoft, which costs $1600.

2. One-on-One Coaching Comes with an Additional Cost

Once you complete the primary ENTRE Institute courses, Jeff Lerner’s team may try to persuade you to sign up for ongoing coaching. This one-on-one coaching costs $10,000 for a three-month period. Therefore, if you opt for this coaching, you will end up paying $15,639 in total before earning any substantial income from your online business.

3. Jeff Lerner Has a Multi-Level Marketing Background

Jeff Lerner has been linked to several businesses that are no longer operating, including Wealth Masters International and Carbon Copy Pro. Wealth Masters International was identified as a pyramid scheme in Norway, and Carbon Copy Pro was also shut down. The founders of Carbon Copy Pro now operate Six Figure Mentors, which Jeff Lerner is also involved in. Jeff was also linked to My Online Business Education, whose creator had to pay $17 million to the FTC, and Digital Altitude. It’s true that the structure of ENTRE Institute is similar to that of these businesses.

While Jeff Lerner has been associated with some businesses that have been accused of being pyramid schemes or scams, ENTRE Institute is a legitimate affiliate marketing course.

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4. Biased Reviews as Students Promote ENTRE as Affiliates 

It’s true that at the end of the ENTRE Blueprint course, Jeff Lerner does mention the opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting the course itself. As a result, you may come across a significant number of biased reviews of ENTRE Blueprint on YouTube from newly recruited affiliates. These reviews may not provide a balanced perspective on the course and its effectiveness. However, negative reviews that discuss the course’s drawbacks are more likely to be genuine and not produced by affiliates.

5. Hidden Difficulties and Expenses of Business Models During Pitch Stage

ENTRE Blueprint provides an overview of Jeff Lerner’s successful business models, but it may not fully prepare students for the challenges of implementing these strategies. Building a digital agency requires marketing skills and the ability to convince businesses to trust you, while online course creation requires ongoing updates and coaching. Additionally, standing out among hundreds of other affiliates and the costs of joining ENTRE successfully may be more than advertised. It’s crucial for students to understand the costs and challenges before investing their time and money in any business venture.

6. Focusing on a Single Business Model and Creating an All-Inclusive Course

The ENTRE Institute places a strong emphasis on training individuals on the entrepreneurial mindset, which can be beneficial for those new to making money online. However, for those seeking more targeted and practical guidance, a platform that focuses solely on actionable steps to create and run a single business model without any upsells may be more helpful in achieving success.

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