John Batiste on Lana Del Rey: ‘Her Songwriting Process is Beast’

John Batiste on Lana Del Rey: ‘Her Songwriting Process is Beast’
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John Batiste and Lana Del Rey have found quite a kinship and have become good pals quickly. While it might seem that the two singers would be worlds apart in terms of image, sound, and vibe, at the end of the day there’s no question that they’re two of the hardest-working singers in pop music today.

And perhaps those personality traits made it easy for the two of them to bond and collaborate. Since John Batiste has won awards like Visionary Awards and Grammy Awards, their paths have crossed quite frequently- and they have worked on three projects so far.

The first one was for Lana Del Rey’s album, Did You Know There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard. Meanwhile, the third one was “Life Lesson.” Additionally, this song is at the end of John Batiste’s band-new album “World Music Radio ” which is released today. Hence, this means, both have been actively working with each other.

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John Batiste had nothing but praise for Lana Del Rey when he sat down with A.V. Club for an interview.

Her songwriting process is really… it’s a beast. It’s great. Amazing, he said. Similar to the way that I’ll sit down at an instrument—mainly the piano or any sound of any instrument if it grabs my attention—if I’m going the instrumental route and not the vocal route, it’s a stream of consciousness,” he said. is like that in terms of narrative threads. Even if it’s abstract narrative threads, she’ll have an idea of a world, or a time and a place, or a person who’s singing to another person, and she’ll spin out a song from that.

He also speaks briefly about how much fun the two of them have together “It wasn’t something that we planned. She was finishing her record (Tunnel) and I was starting my record. She came into the studio and then all of a sudden we started making a bunch of stuff. It was happening in real-time.

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