John Cena Announces Retirement From Professional Wrestling

John Cena Announces Retirement From Professional Wrestling

The greatest of all wrestlers, John Cena announced that he is retiring to participate in the World Wrestling Events Competition.

This surprising decision was announced during his appearance at the WWE Money in the Bank event in Canada.

The 47-year-old US wrestler and actor, who ventured into wrestling in 2006, announced that his last in-ring match will be held in 2025.

John Cena, who is the greatest name of the WWE, has won the World Champion 16 times, since his joining in 2001.

In the WWE Money Bank Event, John Cena told his fans, “Tonight I officially announce my retirement from the WWE.”

While the announcement heartbroken his fans, at the same event, he promised to remain associated with the World Wrestling Event.

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His retirement speech added, “I’ve been in the WWE for over two decades and in that time, I’ve seen incredible waves of prosperity like we got right now. WWE is the hottest ticket in town no doubt, but I have also seen true hardship, that’s when no one knows your name, nobody wants to be your friend and only the most dedicated and hardcore fans stand by your side.”

His statement included, “So, in all those years, one of the most important and impressive things I learned is whether the WWE is hot or cold, Canadians always show up.”

Furthermore, the wrestler talked about his farewell events and shared that Royal Rumble 2025, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 41 will be his last events that are set to be held in 2025.

John Cena, in the early 2000s, emerged as the fan-favourite with the title, Doctor of Thuganomics. The rapper-character, who is now one of the biggest names in wrestling history, portrayed several characters on-screen and off-screen.

As an actor, John Cena starred in roles in several prominent films including “Blockers” and “The Suicide Squad.” Additionally, he has also made appearances in the “Fast & Furious” and played cameo roles in the acclaimed films “Barbie” and “Argyle.”

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