Joy Behar Talks About Her Depressing Interaction At ‘Saturday Night Live’

Joy Behar Talks About Her Depressing Interaction At ‘Saturday Night Live’
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American comedian and actress Joy Behar, famous for hosting ABC’s talk show “The View,” recently opened up about her experience with the famous live sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

The 81-year-old star shared while talking on The View’s companion podcast, called “The View: Behind the Table,” that she auditioned for SNL’s cast in 1975. 

Behar said,

There was a period I tried to get on, because I had this funny character that I did. I had to audition for [SNL creator-producer] Lorne Michaels.

She shared this with The View’s executive producer, Brian Teta. Behar continued that Michaels did not laugh even after she gave her audition but found her skit funny. When Behar inquired about the reason, he replied that he did not want her to assume that she would be hired.

I didn’t even want the job, to tell you the truth,

Behar expressed.

Interestingly, Lorne Michaels is quite famous for intentionally not laughing during the Saturday Night Live auditions. However, Behar expressed that it was

a little depressing to have to audition for somebody and they don’t laugh.

I was so not ready for the stress of a job like that, that I prayed that I didn’t get the job,

And I didn’t!

Well, it is not wrong to assume that everything worked out for the best. Behar has also been featured in many Hollywood films, such as Woody Allen’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” Moreover, she also appeared in the thirteen-episode sitcom “Baby Boom” before she joined “The View,” which made its debut in 1997.

Good for her; she has since then been a regular and has appeared in every season except the 17th and 18th. This is because, reportedly, she was fired from the show in 2013. However, she returned to the daytime talk show in 2015 and has remained ever since.

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