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Beyoncé Drops New Album “Cowboy Carter,” Many Major Collaborations

Beyoncé Drops New Album "Cowboy Carter," Many Major Collaborations
Image: @Beyonce / Instagram

Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé, who won the award for her album “Renaissance,” has delivered yet another masterpiece album called “Cowboy Carter.” 

As a follow-up to her previous album, “Act II: Cowboy Carter” could be the second part of a potential trilogy or various albums starting with “Renaissance.”

A few days ago, the singer released a full 27-song tracklist for “Act II: Cowboy Carter” on her Instagram account. But do you really think that Beyoncé would be done with this album so easily? 

The album, released at midnight on Friday, is filled with stars, and “Queen Bey” has partnered with Post Malone for the track “Leviis Jeans” while “II Most Wanted” features “Teen Queen” Miley Cyrus.

Not only this, “Act II: Cowboy Carter” includes a cover of one of the most popular songs by country music artist Dolly Parton called “Jolene.” The 78-year-old star approved of the cover and also tweeted as soon as the “Crazy in Love” star shared the tracklist.

Parton wrote with a link to her song,

Meanwhile, the genre legend, the one and only Willie Nelson, has also collaborated on Beyoncé’s new album for the song “Smoke Hour.”

Interestingly, the 42-year-old star posted on Instagram on March 19 to share the details of “Act II: Cowboy Carter” with her fans. She wrote, “This ain’t a Country album. This is a “Beyoncé” album.” 

Other tracks on this album are “American Requiem,” “Blackbird,” “Protector,” “My Rose,” “Smoke Hour,” “Bodyguard,” “Daughter,” “Alligator Tears,” “Smoke Hour II,” “Just For Fun,” “Flamenco,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Oh Louisiana,” “Desert Eagle,” “Riiverdale,” “II Hands II Heaven,” “Tyrant,” “Sweet Honey Buckin’,” and “Amen.”

Last month, the singer’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” made her earn the title of the first black woman to top the Billboard Hot Country chart.

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