Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake For The Second Time In A Week With “6:16 in LA.”

Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake For The Second Time In A Week With "6:16 in LA."
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Kendrick Lamar and Drake are two of the most popular musicians in today’s hip-hop scene. Lamar recently dropped a diss track for Drake, titled Euphoria. It was released on Tuesday morning, and just three days later, on Friday morning, he dropped another track. The second song, titled “6:16 in LA.,” also takes a jab at Drake’s legacy.

Pulitzer Prize winner American musician Kendrick Lamar has taken a lyrical jab at Drake for the second time in a week. His first diss track, Euphoria, which was dropped on Tuesday, received praise from the hip-hop community. Lamar dropped the second track, “6:16 in LA.,” on Friday.

Euphoria, which was released without any warning, made fun of Drake’s career in numerous ways. The beef between the two most celebrated musicians is not new, and it has only reignited over the past few months. 

It all started more than a decade ago when Drake and Lamar had a pretty cordial relationship. The rappers were excelling in their careers and even collaborated with each other on some mind-blowing tracks. Notably, the most popular ones are Drake’s ‘Buried Alive Interlude’ and Lamar’s ‘Poetic Justice.’ Lamar, at that time, started to announce his dominance over the hip-hop scene through his songs. Initially, Drake found it normal, as this is what most rappers do, but the feud escalated when Lamar took a lyrical dig at him.

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Hip-hop experts believe that the beef was forgotten by everyone, but Lamar’s role in Metro Boomin’s track “Like That” reignited it.

Future’s and Metro Boomin’s collaborative album was titled ‘We Don’t Trust You.’ It was released on March 22, 2024. Meanwhile, the duo released another album in April, titled “We Still Don’t Trust You.” It features the Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, and J. Cole.

In response to the tracks, Drake also released two diss songs on April 19. They are titled “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” The 37-year-old rapper directed insults at Lamar, Cole, the Weeknd, Future, Metro Boomin, and Rick Ross.

Lamar’s Euphoria, which was released on April 30, is supposedly titled after the HBO show. Drake is an executive producer for the hit show ‘Euphoria.’

‘6:16 in LA.’ is the second diss track by Lamar, and it will be worth the wait to see how the Grammy Award-winning Canadian artist reacts to the track.

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