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Kevin Gates Net Worth: American Rapper Playing in Millions

Kevin Gates Net Worth: American Rapper Playing in Millions

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, more commonly referred to as Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer, and businessman who is currently signed onto Bread Winners’ Association with Atlantic Records. In January 2016, he released his debut album “Islah” which quickly climbed the charts until it peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. However, even before his first album had been released, Gates has already been deemed a success from mixtapes such as By Any Means, Stranger Than Fiction, and Luca Brasi 2 – all of which landed within the top 40 rankings on the Billboard 200 chart.

Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates, an American rapper and singer, was born on February 5th, 1986 in Louisiana. His childhood wasn’t perfect; his father wasn’t around and he started breaking the law at a young age. His first arrest occurred when he was 13, but he did attend community college for some time after that. He reconnected with his dad as a teenager, but soon after experienced tragedy when his father passed away suddenly.

Kevin Gates Net Worth in 2022

Even though Kevin Gates only has a net worth of $1 million, he’s made a big impact in the American music industry. He collaborated with other famous musicians for years before releasing his first album. His powerful lyrics and performance showed that he knows how to tackle tough subjects like depression and poverty. He also often raps about his personal experiences with prison, since he’s been arrested multiple times over the years.

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Kevin Gates Wiki

Kevin Gates Real NameKevin Jerome Gilyard
Kevin Gates Net Worth 2022$1 Million USD
Kevin Gates ProfessionRapper, Singer, Businessman
Kevin Gates Salary Not Known
Kevin Gates AssetsReal Estate Properties
Kevin Gates Age36 Years (as of 2022)
Kevin Gates Birthday5 February, 1986
Kevin Gates BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Kevin Gates Height6’ 2”
Kevin Gates WeightAround 92 kg
Kevin Gates Eye ColorDark Brown
Kevin Gates Hair ColorBlack (he constantly dyes his hair in different colours)
Kevin Gates FamilyKhaza Kamil Gates, Islah Koren Gates
Kevin Gates WifeDreka Gates (m. 2015)

Early Career

Kevin Gates showed promise for a future in music at a young age, signing with Dead Game Records in 2007. He worked with other big names from Baton Rouge like Boosie and Webbie, which helped hip-hop start to gain popularity in the city. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated in 2008, which put his musical journey on pause for a short time. However, by 2011 he was back and ready to take on the industry armed with a psychology degree and determination.

Lil’ Wayne’s record label, Young Money Entertainment, took notice of Gates after he released his first mixtape Make ‘Em Believe. They then signed him to their management wing. This gave Gates the opportunity to learn about the music industry and later allowed him to start his own record label.

Breakthrough into the Music Industry

After Gates launched the Breadwinners’ Association record label in 2013, he released a mixtape that was met with high praise from listeners and reviewers. He did it again soon after and received just as much commendation. Gates’ rapidly increasing popularity led him to go on a four-month tour across the United States. Unfortunately, he was jailed again shortly after. Even though it would mean more time in prison, Gates released another mixtape in 2014.

Kevin Gates’ fans were exuberant in 2015 after the release of his 13th mixtape and even more so in 2016 when Kevin Gates released Islah. The album was a smashing success, debuting at number two on Billboard’s Top 200 and selling over 110,000 copies in its first week. Its commercial victory led to Kevin Gates releasing more mixtapes and EPs later down the line.

Kevin Gates Net Worth in 2022: American Rapper Playing in Millions

Kevin Gates Girlfriends

In October 2015, Gates married his girlfriend Dreka Haynes. They have two children together: Islah and Khaza. In a 2013 interview with Complex, Gates mentioned that he has other children from previous relationships. 

He said, “I got some children. I’m real real close with them. I lay in the bed with them, hold them, and love on them. It really doesn’t make sense to say [how many kids I have]. Not in a bad way, but it’s not like the public will ever get to see my children, and if they do see them, they aren’t going to know they’re mine.”

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Kevin Gates Career Highlights

Listed below are some of the finest works by rapper/singer Kevin Gates.

  • Islah Debut Studio Album (released in 2016)
  • 2 Phones (released in 2016)
  • Had To Music Video (released in 2017)
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards (Best New Hip-Hop Artist, released in  2017)
  • Billboard Music Awards (Top Rap Album “Islah” released in 2017)
  • Change Lanes (released in 2018)
  • Really Really (released in 2018)


How tall is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

How old is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is 36 years of age as of 2022.

What is the net worth of Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates’ net worth as of 2022 is $1 Million USD.

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