Kim Jong Un Drives New Military Tank In Mock Battle

Kim Jong Un Drives New Military Tank In Mock Battle
Source : KCNA/UPI

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un drove a new type of military tank while overseeing the military training exercises on Thursday. As reported by the Korean Central News Agency, Kim was joined by some senior officials in this “training match,” including defense minister Kang Sun Nam.

This was Kim Jong Un’s third public appearance in military practices within the last week. It was seen as a response to the annual US-South Korean military exercises known as the Freedom Shield.

Some reports suggest that North Korea’s mock battle aimed to inspect the military capabilities of tank crews, and Kim just wanted to ensure that the country was well prepared during a war. 

The KCNA report stated,

Swiftly weaving their way through various worst combat circumstances, heavy tanks hit targets at once with powerful strikes and broke through strong defense lines with high maneuverability.

It added,

Watching with satisfaction the fierce advance of roaring tanks dashing ahead like wind, Kim Jong Un said with pleasure that it was so spectacular and the grandiose looks of tanks seemed to mirror the bravery and audacity peculiar to the KPA.

Kim also focused on the need to organize these training sessions, as they would come off as useful during times of actual war. Further, these training matches will also help in carrying out battles accurately.

Over the last two years, North Korea has been increasing the number of military exercises to update its nuclear and missile weaponry.

Many experts have commented that the North Korean leader is aiming to use these advanced weapons to win negotiations with the United States, which would relieve North Korea from numerous international restrictions.

They also added that North Korea is expected to increase these activities as elections are scheduled in the United States and South Korea this year.

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