King Charles Retains His Patronage Of The British Film Institute

King Charles Retains His Patronage Of The British Film Institute

The King of the United Kingdom, King Charles, seems to be a bigger cinema fan than many of us. The 75-year-old monarch has renewed his patronage of the British Film Institute (BFI). It is the United Kingdom’s leading body dealing with films. Notably, the institute is also responsible for preserving the Royal Collection in its national archive.

He has retained this patronage after serving in the position for over 45 years. The British Film Institute marked the 25th anniversary of London’s BFI IMAX on Tuesday. 25 years ago, on June 11, 1999, King Charles, who was then Prince Charles, cut the ribbon for London’s BFI IMAX in Waterloo. 

This patronage is also very important for the organization, as the King’s support provides popularity and praise for their achievements on a wider scale. 

Founded in 1993, the BFI is a film and television charitable organization. It promotes and preserves filmmaking and television across the country. It has been governed by the Royal Charter since 1983.

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Five years ago, in 2018, the King visited the BFI Southbank to celebrate 40 years as the BFI’s patron. There, he interacted with many BFI employees and BFI Film Academy alumni. Several talented actors included Ruth Wilson, Hayley Atwell, David Oyelowo, and BFI ambassador Tom Hiddleston.

In addition, he saw glimpses of his favorite film, The Pink Panther. It included handwritten notes from Peter Sellers and other promotional items.

The Chief Executive of the British Film Institute, Ben Roberts, said, “We are honored to have the Royal Patronage of HM King Charles III and grateful for the support he has already given us as Patron as The Prince of Wales for 45 years, showing his commitment and passion for film along the way.” 

“We take our responsibility for caring for the Royal Collection in the BFI National Archive very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring it is preserved for generations to come.”

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