Kris Jenner Reveals About Her Tumour Diagnosis

Kris Jenner Reveals About Her Tumour Diagnosis

In a piece of shocking news, Kris Jenner revealed that doctors have detected a tumour following which she has to go through an ovary removal procedure.

The concerning news was shared in this week’s episode of The Kardashians. In the episode, Kris is on vacation in Aspen where she shares the medical update with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and her daughters, Kendall, Khloe, and Kim.

In the episode, Kris, while announcing the news, broke down in front of the camera and her family. Her statement read, “I wanted to tell you guys something…I went to the doctor and had my scan. They found, and this just makes me emotional but, they found a cyst and a little tumour on my ovary.”

She went on saying, “Dr A said I’ve gotta have my ovaries taken out and I’m emotional about it because they came in handy with you guys. That’s where all my kids were conceived and that’s where they were grown, in my tummy. So this is a very sacred place to me.”

Later on, Kim Kardashian said that she felt “really sad” about her mother’s situation and could not imagine what she was going through in this situation. Later on, Khloe made a phone call to her sister, Kourtney, to share her mother’s medical condition.

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Kourtney, over the phone call, offered strength and motivated her mother. She said, “totally understand how my mom is feeling because I would feel the same way. It’s your womanly power and it doesn’t mean that it’s taking away who she is or what she’s experienced, but I would feel this sentimental feeling of what it’s created.”

Later on, Kim,  to lighten up the family’s mood, suggested that they should throw a “farewell ovaries party”. Moreover, Corey, to lift her mother’s mood, came up with a gift which was a black fur coat, and said that it was a present that would “help your energy.”

“I’m gonna be fine…I have you guys. People often ask me what is the best job I’ve ever had, and I’ve always said: Mom. The biggest blessing in my life was being able to give birth to six beautiful kids” said Kris in the concluding lines.

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