Livebeam Review: Verified Alternatives, features, and Pros & Cons

Livebeam Review: Verified Alternatives, Features, and Pros & Cons

The article discusses Livebeam, a communication platform that promotes easy communication among users. It describes the features of Livebeam, including its search page, newsfeed, and chat option. The article also addresses frequently asked questions about Livebeam, such as whether it is a dating site and if it is free. While it is not a dating site, many users utilize it for dating purposes, and it uses a credit system for its features. This article also mentions Livebeam review and safety policy for a better understanding.

In the 21st century where social media platforms are the primary mode of communication, there are thousands of newly introduced communication and dating sites available for download. Despite the hype, not all of them deserve your attention owing to their bad reputation. However, numerous dating sites have garnered positive reviews from the audience and are worth trying. Among them is Livebeam, a dating site that is designed to establish easy communication among users

In this article, we have updated the details about Livebeam including its utilisation and features.

What is Livebeam?


Livebeam is a social media communication platform which is developed to promote online communication between users by promoting originality, openness, and determination to connect. The app was started in 2022 with two primary features, live streaming and communication.

Besides chatting, Livebeam allows you to private stream as an alternative to video calls.

What are the Features of Livebeam?

As listed by the website, here are the features of Livebeam,

Search Page

Following logging in, you land on the site’s welcome page which initiates the first phase of communication. On this page, you can find like-minded people who have similar interests. 

[Note: The website, Livebeam, advises users to use its “Extended search” to users.]


The second feature, the news feed, features the latest updates of the users, including new photographs and videos. Additionally, most of these updates are free of charge.

Let’s Talk

One of the beneficial features of Livebeam, it facilitates your communication with others. Moreover, the chat option comes with a suggested set of predesigned messages which you can use for easy communication. It also allows you to add templates according to your ease.

Is Livebeam a Dating Site?

Following the application’s introduction in 2021, many users shared a similar query about its type. For those who are unversed, Livebeam is not a dating application. According to the application’s listing, “Livebeam is a novel platform for video streaming and communication.”

While Livebeam is a communication application, many users utilise the platform for dating.

Is Livebeam Free?

As of 2024, there are no introduced subscriptions for the application, Livebeam. It uses a credit system which is used when you take advantage of some of its features. Here’s how you can utilise the Livebeam’s credit,

  • The credits are different from real cash and are utilised when using some of the features of Livebeam.
  • However, for purchasing credits, you have to pay a certain amount. If you are not using the feature, your credit remains intact.
  • Following signing up, each user receives 20 credits which they can use for testing the features.
  • According to the platform, its paid features are exchanging emails, Messages in chats, Replying with stickers, Viewing profile videos, and Open photos in emails.

Is Livebeam Safe/Legal?

Is Livebeam Safe/Legal?

According to Livebeam’s security policy, the application is safe and secure to use. In LiveBeam’s promised values, its promise to their user that,

  • Safety is key for any communication online;
  • Privacy is a part of safety and serves as a ground for safe communication;
  • Authenticity is a key to fighting deception online;
  • Freedom of expression is a key to comfortable communication;

However, upon Reddit’s Livebeam review, Livebeam has been mentioned as a “Hoax”. In 2023, a user took on Reddit about his experience of being scammed by a woman. He commented

Livebeam A Major Scam Been reading the reviews and came across this website to find real honest reviews. I have been on “Livebeam for 1 month, I spent over 1200 dollars and I feel like a fool. When I first went on the website, I was amazed at the beauty of these women. I ask myself why they were on there, they need not look for men.

Not only this, but several users commented on a similar experience they had after using Livebeam. Hence, it is advised to cross-check every substantial information on the platform.

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Livebeam Review

The communication application which was introduced in 2021 has garnered significant reviews. After going through numerous user reviews, below we have drafted a set of pros and cons of the platform

Livebeam is a global platform and can be used for communication with like-minded people across the globe.The application has been rated as a hoax by several users. Additionally, it has a plethora of fake profiles which plot scams.
Livebeam has a simple and friendly interface which allows users of all groups to utilise the platformThe application’s safety policy is not clear, leaving users in a dilemma
Signing up in Livebeam is free. Additionally, you receive 20 credits following the signing which you can use to test its featuresLivebeam charges credits for almost all its features. Its paid features include exchanging emails, Messages in chats, Replying with stickers, Viewing profile videos, and Open photos in emails.
According to a sponsored article by Livebeam, the platforms foster business communications, friendships, and integrity.It has been reviewed as unsafe and fake by a section of netizens.

Alternatives of Livebeam

While there are a plethora of social media platforms, the most common alternative to Livebeam are,


Livcam. Me

LivCam is a platform for video chatting online with random strangers which caters for making friends.



Although not a social media platform, LinkedIn is a communication platform, and its primary purpose is to cater to professional conversations.

Emerald Chat, One of the best alternatives to Livebeam, the platform’s gender filter helps it in standing apart from other applications. Besides chatting, you can live stream and video chat with the users.

Final Words

In the world of online communication, many applications have managed to gain a considerable amount of popularity. In between the several online communication platforms is Livebeam which promises to introduce meaningful communication to users with global diversity and backgrounds.

However, it has been strongly advised to follow your safety measures to avoid any kind of scams. The guide provides explanatory details about Livebeam, its review, and considerable alternatives.


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