‘Love is Blind’ Season 6 Spoilers: Who is Bound to Find a Partner?

‘Love is Blind’ Season 6 Spoilers: Who is Bound to Find a Partner?

Fittingly, on Valentine’s Day, Netflix returns with a sixth season of Love Is Blind Season 6, teasing their fans of its romantic hit with a trailer from the latest installment and what fans can witness in this season.

Debuted on Feb 13, 2020, each season featured a social experiment where single individuals looked for love and got engaged. In the last season, Love is Blind Season 5, Lydia Gonzalez & James “Milton” Johnson IV were the only couple at the reunion to confirm that they were still married. With an exciting fifth season, here’s what we know about Season 6.

When did ‘Love is Blind Season 6’ premiere?

Going with its typical schedule, the sixth season of Love is Blind premiered on Feb 13, 2024. 

What are the episode schedules for Season 6?

Love is Blind gave a further glimpse into the recently premiered season by revealing the episode schedules. Here’s how it is slated to take place:

  • Episodes 1-6: Feb. 14
  • Episodes 7-9: Feb. 21
  • Episodes 10-11: Feb. 28
  • Episode 12 (finale): Mar. 6

What are the shooting locations of Love is Blind Season 6?

The creators who worked on Love is Blind Season 6 revealed that the series will follow a group of Charlotte, New Carolina, singles who are all set to “embark on their journey of romance and self-discovery”, says Netflix.

Meanwhile, Love is Blind Season 5 took place in Houston, Season 4 in Seattle, and Season 4 in Dallas

Who is hosting Love is Blind Season 6?

Back with another exciting season, this season of the Netflix reality series is hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

Video by Netflix

Who is in The Cast of Love is Blind Season 6?

With new pod squads for 30 eligible singles (aged between 25 and 37), according to Netflix, the cast includes “two flight attendants, a middle school principal, a salesman with a DJ side hustle, and a former three-sport athlete turned makeup artist.”

Meanwhile, here’s a list of the detailed cast for season 6,

  • Brittany, 25: Senior client partner
  • Alejandra, 28: Financial consultant
  • Amber Desiree “AD,” 33: Real estate broker
  • Mackenzie, 25: Makeup artist
  • Amy C, 34: PR director
  • Sarah Ann, 30: Customer support manager
  • Danette, 33: Flight attendant
  • Sunni, 34: Business analyst
  • Laura, 34: Account director
  • Jessica, 29: Executive Assistant
  • Danielle, 30: Corporate comms
  • Chelsea, 31: Flight attendant and event planner
  • Amy, 28: E-commerce specialist
  • Amber, 31: Medical device sales
  • Ashley, 32: Nurse practitioner
  • Matthew, 37: Senior financial advisor
  • Kenneth, 26: Middle school principal
  • Austin, 27: Software sales
  • Jamal, 32: Store director
  • Jimmy, 28: Software sales
  • Vince, 35: Lawyer
  • Clay, 31: Enterprise sales/entrepreneur
  • Nolan, 31: Management consultant
  • Trevor, 31: Project manager
  • Drake, 32: Video producer
  • Ariel, 32: Mortgage broker
  • Jeramey, 32: Intralogistics
  • Deion, 27: Software sales
  • Ben, 34: Cloud solutions architect
  • Johnny, 28: Account executive

Where to Watch Love is Blind Season 6?

All the seasons of Love is Blind, from Season 1 to 6, are available to stream on the OTT giant Netflix.

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