Marketing Activities That Give You An Edge

Marketing Activities That Give You An Edge
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Sure, we are in business because we enjoy it. But let’s not pretend that business isn’t one of the most competitive things you will ever do.

And you need to do everything you can to stay a cut above the rest. You need to make sure that the software and services used are cutting-edge. You need to make sure that all of your marketing is incredibly well thought out and adheres to a strategy that has been carefully planned.

Let’s try to stay focused here; there are three main areas in marketing that you need to highlight how you compete and what you’re the best choice. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the product, price, and service.


What do you give to your customers they can’t get elsewhere? You give them outstanding service. The customer support in the marketplace should be the best. And you should talk about the fact it’s the best two.

Customers are often prepared to pay more to get a better service, so it makes sense that when you have the better service, you highlight it continually in your marketing activities.

Customer service is a fine art, and you need to consider plenty of facets to secure this in part of your marketing.

You need to ask your users and customers questions to see where you can improve, where you are the best, and what you could do that would make you invaluable.

Always focus on the customer and make your service strategy part of your marketing activities.

Before a purchase is made of your product, you should have carefully crafted instructions and imagery and create video ads that display everything your potential customer needs. 

Consider the shopping experience in luxury boutiques – coffee, champagne, multiple helpers – so that the buyer always leaves with something they love. Practice that dedication in your own business. 

And the follow-up care should be just as good. 


We know the customers are attracted to low prices or at least prices that appear competitive.

Your pricing strategy needs to consider the fact that you want to provide service, as above, that far exceeds your competitors. This should come at a price but not one that price as you are out of the market.

Carefully consider your pricing strategy, and highlight just how good value you are for your customers repeatedly.


What are you delivering in terms of goods or services that are far superior to the others in the same industry? So you need to be very sure that it’s better and all of the reasons why it’s better.

Not every customer will be buying something because it helps with a pain point; there are often people who want to try a service or buy a product just because they can. So you need to make sure that the language is used to speak to both audiences simultaneously.

You need to highlight the differences in the quality, features and functions, the value, and where you are in the market.

Some of the most successful businesses spend more time fine-tuning a product than they do regarding service and pricing.

Let’s take a look at how MacBooks are positioned compared to Windows PCs as an example. Apple went all out to show that a MacBook, an iMac, and an iPhone was ideal for creative businesses – and businesses with stature. 

That’s not to say that Microsoft computers don’t have many advantages, but how Apple positioned itself in the market made a huge difference to their audience.

You can see the same employed in the luxury car market – technically, a car is a car, but a luxury car is priced and positioned differently. 

Taking these three items, you can make a unique business proposition for your potential customers. Not only will you continually go above and beyond to provide the best customer services, but we will also talk about why it’s the best two. When it comes to product, highlight every feature that isn’t available elsewhere or why that feature makes it unique.

And finally, the pricing will ultimately make sense if you make sure that you have the services and the product working in unison.

Most people consider things like their social media, creating graphics, video creation, etc. But it is vital that you look at your business’s essential components and what that looks like for clients and customers.

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