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‘Mouse for Your Mouth’ Makes Its First Appearance at CES 2024

‘Mouse for Your Mouth’ Makes Its First Appearance at CES 2024

Augmental Technologies unveiled a new mouthpad at CES 2024, held in Las Vegas. The device lets users access their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with their tongues. The mouthpad is operated by the tongue and functions with a Bluetooth connection while staying in the user’s mouth. Others cannot see the device, but it works based on the movement of the tongue. You can recharge it when its battery is down by putting it in a case. The materials used in the mouthpad are safe to use and have custom-made availability. The device works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It has a battery life of up to five hours and needs two hours to be fully charged. It allows users to scroll, type, and make calls, among other features, just by clicking or swiping through their tongues.

While many people ridiculed the idea, the developers’ team believes that it is increasing accessibility. Corbin Halliwill, an engineer at Augmental, the company that created this device, said, “It is a mouse for your mouth.” He worked to build this device after noticing his paralyzed friends and family members were struggling with using technology. The developers believe that this device will prove useful for people who are disabled, especially those who have a problem with their hands or spine or are paralyzed.

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However, there are many competitors for Augmental’s mouthpad, such as Tecla and apps like Open Sesame, that can detect the user’s motion instead of having to touch the screen. Halliwill also said that people who continuously use their hands in their jobs, like mechanics and surgeons, have shown interest in the product. The company has also talked with astronauts at the International Space Station.

The product is expected to be on the market this year, and the Augmental website has early access available currently. Augmental does not advise the usage of this device while eating; however, drinking while wearing it will not cause any problems as Halliwill himself wears it while drinking water and coffee. Augmental hopes to enhance the functionality of the device in the upcoming years and enable new features for its users. The new features may include voice and wheelchair control technology. The company is also hoping to extend the battery life of the device from five hours to eight hours soon.

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