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Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Teases ‘The Last of Us Part 3’ In New Youtube Special

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Teases ‘The Last of Us Part 3’ In New Youtube Special

Naughty Dog released a new special on their YouTube channel, titled Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II, yesterday. At the end of this 2-hour-long special, Neil Druckmann, the co-president at Naughty Dog, said,

There’s probably one more chapter to this story.

However, he has not confirmed other details as of now. But this special also suggests that Naughty Dog’s next title will not be The Last of Us Part 3.

Video by Naughty Dog

The previous rumors also suggest that some new kind of game is in development. This also supports the statement from Jeffrey Pierce, the actor who voices Tommy Miller in the game franchise. He said

At this point it’s not something that has begun in any fashion, at least, not that I know of, and I would hate to set myself up to have expectations about what it would be and then have it be something completely different.

Apparently, the fans will need to wait for a long time for The Last of Us Part 3, especially since it’s still in its concept stage. Nevertheless, this little hint has made the fans excited and curious about the new concept in Druckmann’s mind. Those who have played the game previously are aware that the show does not open doors for a direct sequel. Druckmann also stated, 

If we never get to do it again, this is a fine ending point. Last bite of the apple, the story’s done.

It is interesting to know that Druckmann also said that the character of Tommy might get his own spinoff in the near future, as it has already gotten a written story. Many rumors also suggest that the next project of Naughty Dog will be some kind of IP, and we do not have enough information about it yet.

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