Neil Gaiman ‘Categorically Denies’ Sexual Battery Allegations

Neil Gaiman ‘Categorically Denies’ Sexual Battery Allegations

In a shocking series of events, the infamous author, Neil Gaiman, was accused of sexual assault. According to the reported allegations, the “Good Omens” author subjected two women who were in their early 20s to “rough and degrading sex. While the accusations are part of investigative research by Tortoise, Neil has denied both allegations.

The two women, in Master: The Allegations Against Neil Gaiman, stated that while they were in a consensual relationship with the author, he exposed the women to forced sexual relationships. One of the victims, Scarlett, revealed that in 2022, following she was hired as Neil Gaiman’s child nanny, was engaged with Gaiman in “Painful, rough, and degrading penetrative sex.” Not only this, but the woman also had proof like contemplating messages and notes that supported her allegations.

However, while refusing the allegations, Gaiman said it was a consensual relationship and did not move forward than heavy petting. He has firmly denied the abusive nature.

On the contrary, the second woman addressed by the initial ‘K’, met Gaiman at a book signing. At that time, she was 18, Gaiman was 40. While she admits that the pair started dating when she was 20, Gaiman sometimes exposed her to ‘painful intercourse’ that she neither enjoyed nor demanded.

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However, in the same podcast, the author firmly denied the allegations and mentioned them as “extremely disturbing.”

While analysing the entire case, the podcast host, Tortoise, answered that he “understands that he believes K’s allegations are motivated by her regret over their relationship and that Scarlett was suffering from a condition associated with false memories at the time of her relationship with him,” 

However, on the contrary, Tortoise, also claimed that Gaiman’s account is “not supported by her medical records and medical history.

On the work front, Neil Gaiman has been listed among the 100 influential people by Time Magazine. Additionally, he has also been called “the most loved living writer” with his several written pieces adapted into Netflix and Amazon’s series. 

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