Bunnie XO Net Worth: How Much She Earns From Her Various Career?

Bunnie XO Net Worth

Bunnie XO, who gained limelight after marrying rapper Jelly Roll, reportedly earns more than her celebrity husband. In this article, we have briefly explained the net worth of Bunnie XO and what are the establishing factors that contribute to it. The article also details the podcaster’s career, family, and personal life.

Alyssa DeFord, known by her stage name, Bunnie XO, is an American podcaster. She is known for being the wife of the American singer and rapper, Jason Bradley DeFord, known professionally as Jelly Roll. In this article, we have shared a brief on Bunnie XO’s net worth, career, and other related information.

About Bunnie XO

Alyssa DeFord was born in January 1980 (Age 44 years; as of 2024) in Nashville, United States. She had a turbulent childhood, and her mother left her when she was three years old. Later, she was raised by her father, Bill, who was a musician; her father passed away in May 2024. Reportedly, her mother was a sex worker; she succumbed to death in 2022.

Bunnie XO Net Worth
Iamge: Bunnie XO/ IG


While there is less information about Bunnie XO’s education, a media source suggests that she has attended John C Fremont Junior High School.

What is the net worth of Bunnie XO?

According to a media house, Bunnie XO has an estimated net worth of $7 million. However, another media outlet reported that the podcaster and model has a reported net worth of $2.5 million.

NameBunnie XO
Full NameAlyssa DeFord
ProfessionAmerican podcaster
Net worth$7 million

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Factors Contributing to the Net Worth of Bunnie XO


The internet sensation has a YouTube channel that boasts more than 877k subscribers. On her YouTube channel, she shares vlogs related to her lifestyle and her podcast.

Playboy TV

Not just a podcaster and a social media sensation but Bunnie XO is a model. She has been featured in several advertisement shoots, in magazines; one of her prominent print shoots was for Playboy TV.


Before venturing as a podcaster, Bunnie XO was a high-end sex worker. The celebrity, in a media interview, claimed that she used to earn “half a million” through her profession. Not only this but Bunnie XO also claimed that she used to make $30 to $40,000 a night as a sex worker. The current-time podcaster, in a media interview, said,

“Literally I would make $30, $40,000 a night. I had sugar daddies who gave me half a million dollars. I’ve had cars bought for me. Just diamonds, jewellery, just whatever you can think of dude.”

A Fleet of Cars

A media source suggests that Jelly Roll and his wife own an enormous car collection which includes the likes of Rolls Royce. However, there is less information about the same on media houses.

Real Estate

On March 27, 2024, Bunnie XO, in a Facebook post, announced the purchase of a Dumb Blonde Hub, a separate location for office, studio & content sets.


Following quitting the escort industry, Bunnie XO started streaming on OnlyFans, a social media application primarily used by sex workers. In 2024, the social media sensation shared a Facebook post, wherein she mentioned that she earned “millions” within a few months from OnlyFans. However, she later deleted her handle from the platform.

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As an Escort

Before gaining the limelight, Bunnie XO was an escort and a high-profile sex worker in Las Vegas. According to her statement, her clients included millionaires whom she called “sugar-daddy.” However, in 2020, she gave up on her sex work career to give her full time on other ventures.

Bunnie XO Net Worth
Image: Bunnie XO/ IG

Dumb Blonde Productions

In 2018, Bunnie Xo, following her marriage to Jelly Roll, started her business, Dumb Blonde Productions. The company features downloadable entertainment, lifestyle, storytelling, and comedy podcasts. According to Bunnie, the investments for initiating her business came from her earnings as a sex worker. She mentioned the same in a social media post and exclaimed,

“Fast forward to 2018 I started my brand Bunnie Xo & funded it w/ the money I made in SW. I built my entire brand from the ground up without help from anyone- not even my husband.”


After she stopped seeing clients for her sex worker profession, she started an OnlyFans handle, in 2020. However, a year later, in 2021, she deleted her OnlyFans to concentrate on a full-fledged entrepreneurship career. Reportedly, she had a considerable fan following and earned millions through OnlyFans.

Bunnie. XO

She has ventured into entrepreneurship and has initiated a merchandise website, Hunnie Bunnies, also known as the Bunnie XO’s official store. The website deals with merchandise like massagers, fashion, and luxury items.

Personal Life

In 2015, Bunnie XO met her husband, Jelly Roll, in a concert held at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. In a guest podcast, Bunnie Xo and her husband revealed that when they met, she was in a relationship, and they talked about the same backstage. However, shortly after, Bunnie XO separated from her previous boyfriend, eventually dating Jelly Roll.

Bunnie XO Net Worth
Image: Bunnie XO/ IG

The duo, in 2016, tied the knot in an impromptu wedding held at a courthouse. The duo, in a guest podcast, shared how quick their wedding was “We got married kind of randomly. It was Vegas, right? So it’s like 11 o’clock. They’re closing the joint down by Hard Rock [Cafe] and I’m like, ‘F— it. Let’s just go now.’ She’s like, ‘The courthouse is open for about 34 to 44 more minutes.’ I was like, ‘Let’s f—— roll.’

Meanwhile, in 2023, the couple renewed their vows in the same chapel where they got married in Las Vegas.

Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Bunnie XO?

  • Reports suggest that while Jelly Roll is an established singer, Bunnie XO earns more than her rapper husband.
  • In a social media post, Bunnie revealed that while she has now established a full-fledged career as a podcaster, the earnings are less than that of her sex worker career. Her comment read, “Finally in 2022 my business Bunnie Xo started making just as much money – not more than my SW money. So I couldn’t justify still having that part of my life when the new brand I created was thriving so much.”
  • A social media enthusiast, Bunnie XO regularly updates her fans with posts related to her lifestyle and career. As of 2024, Bunnie XO has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 8 Million followers on her TikTok.

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