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Netflix Plans to Add 40 New Titles to Mobile Game Library in 2023

Netflix Plans to Add 40 New Titles to Mobile Game Library in 2023

The ‘Monument Valley’ series will be available on the service in 2024, and the creators have hinted at another sequel.

Netflix is adding more games to its library to ensure that all of its over 230 million subscribers can find something to enjoy. Currently, the company has 55 mobile games, with plans to add about 40 more throughout 2023. Some of the upcoming titles include Terra Nil, a reverse city-builder game, and Paper Trail, where players fold parts of the world to solve puzzles. Additionally, Netflix has partnered with Ubisoft for three exclusive games, with Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace arriving on April 18th.

Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace is a roguelite game set in the same universe as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The game has an improved formula, a more in-depth story, and enhanced gameplay. Netflix’s library of mobile games already includes recent additions like Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Highwater.

Netflix is following up on its “Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game”. The game is based on the popular reality TV show “Too Hot to Handle”. According to Netflix, regular content updates will be released to keep players interested, and the game is being developed in collaboration with Nanobit.

In 2024, “Monument Valley” and “Monument Valley 2” will be added to Netflix Games, which is a subscription-based gaming service. These classic mobile puzzle games are currently available on Apple Arcade. Netflix has confirmed that the games will still be accessible on other platforms after 2024. Additionally, Ustwo, the developer behind “Desta: The Memories Between”, which is also available on Netflix, has hinted that they are working on another “Monument Valley” game as part of their partnership with Netflix.

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