What is the AR Zone App? Can You Remove It from Your Phone?

What is the AR Zone App? Can You Remove It from Your Phone?

AR or Augmented Reality is an up and coming technology that adds imaginary bits to your reality. It’s little more than a gimmick right now, but packs a lot of possibilities. The AR Zone app is an application that comes pre-loaded in new Samsung phones. How can you use it? Can you get rid of it. Let’s find out.

AR Zone is an app that provides a range of augmented reality features, such as AR Emoji, AR Doodle, AR Stickers, and more. These features allow users to create fun and interactive content using their phone’s camera and AR technology. 

For example, with AR Emoji, users can create a personalized avatar that looks like them and then use it to create videos and pictures with various expressions and movements. With AR Doodle, users can draw in the air using their phone’s camera and create 3D drawings that appear to be floating in real-world surroundings. And with AR Stickers, users can add virtual objects, characters, and decorations to their pictures and videos.

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Is the AR Zone app really useful?

There are uses of the AR Zone app, yes. You can realize its usefulness on the higher-end phones of Samsung – S series and Note. With the depth sensors in the cameras of these phones the AR Zone app can come handy.

Some features of the AR Zone app can be useful in certain situations. For example, the AR Doodle feature can be used to annotate real-world scenes or take notes in a more creative way. Similarly, the Quick Measure feature can use the phone’s camera to measure the distance between two points in the real world. However, in the latest models, the quickmeasure feature is integrated into the camera itself. So, it somewhat diminishes the applicability of AR Zone.

For phones that do not have the depth sensors, AR Zone is more like an inferior version of the snapchat filters. You need an AR Emoji Editor app to personalize your AR avatar. 

To sum it up, it amounts to little more than a fun gimmick at this point with little or no functional value. At best, you can entertain a 5-year old with its features. 

Can you get rid of the app?

Not ideally. Here’s the thing, if you are a Samsung user and you have Android 10, you will get AR Zone as a system app. You can’t just uninstall it. What you can do, however is remove the app widget from your home screen. 

To do that, open the AR Zone app > tap on the gear icon > Toggle off Add AR Zone to App Screen. It will hide the AR Zone app from the app screen and you will only be able to open the app through your camera. 

If you change your mind and want the App back on the app screen

Open your camera > Tap on More > Select AR Zone. Once the app opens, repeat the steps you did to remove it from the app screen. 

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