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Netflix’s Swedish Thriller “A Day and a Half”: A Preview of Fares Fares’ Directorial Debut

Netflix's Swedish Thriller "A Day and a Half": A Preview of Fares Fares' Directorial Debut
Image: Netflix

A new Swedish thriller has emerged on Netflix’s catalog of international titles. “A Day and a Half,” is the directorial debut of renowned actor Fares Fares. The film will make its way to the Netflix subscribers’ screens in September. Packed with suspense, action, and emotion, this Netflix Original promises to be a compelling addition.

Fares Fares is known for his performances in popular series like “Westworld,” “Chernobyl,” and his role in the “Star Wars” franchise. In A Day and a Half, Fares is Collaborating with screenwriter Peter Smirnakos on the script.

Describing his excitement for the project, Fares shared, “I’m really looking forward to this story to unfold on screen and feel privileged to have some of the best cast and team on board to make that happen.”

Claire Willats, Netflix Director of Film, Nordics, commented, “‘A Day and a Half’ is in essence an intimate story about loss, lies, betrayals, love, prejudice and family – packaged in a tense thriller format.

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The movie revolves around Artan, portrayed by Alexej Manvelov. He embarks on a treacherous journey with his ex-wife Louise, played by Alma Pöysti, and unwittingly drags a police officer named Lukas, played by Fares Fares himself. 

The three make a road trip through Sweden with the police hot on their trail. Inspired by true events, the story aims to explore themes of loss, deception, family, and the unpredictable nature of life, all wrapped in a tense thriller package.

The supporting cast includes Stina Ekblad as Wanja, along with a talented ensemble of actors and actresses who will bring the world of “A Day and a Half” to life. 

Netflix has announced that “A Day and a Half” is scheduled to be released on September 1st, 2023. You can check its official trailer here. 

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