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New Amsterdam Season 5 Set to Arrive on Netflix US in September 2023

New Amsterdam Season 5 Set to Arrive on Netflix US in September 2023
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After a triumphant run on NBC, the fifth season of New Amsterdam is all set to arrive on Netflix US on September 28th 2023. The season aired till 17th January 2023, and the Netflix audience has been waiting for it since. 

New Amsterdam centers around the efforts of Dr. Max Goodwin played by Ryan Eggold to bring about significant changes in New Amsterdam’s oldest public hospital. He navigates the complex landscape of healthcare and finds himself entangled in a web of personal struggles and relationships. 

The first two seasons arrived on Netflix’s streaming library in January 2023. Netflix US secured the rights to the third and fourth seasons on February 1st, 2023. Speculations hinted that the arrival of the final season would take at least a year after its airing on NBC. Putting an end to such speculations, Netflix US has officially announced the release date of the season finale.

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The situation is a bit different for international viewers. Viewers outside the United States have access to only the first two seasons of New Amsterdam. In fact, removal notices have been cropping up for viewers in many international regions. For example, Netflix users in Canada and Australia had Access to the show till February 2023.

Netflix US users can relax and enjoy all four seasons of this medical drama at least till January 2025. New Amsterdam by David Schulner has captured the hearts of a vast fan base. If you didn’t know about this show, and you like medical dramas like The Good Doctor and House, give it a go for sure. The final season is coming up on Netflix in less than a month, but if you happen to have hooked yourself on the show and want to watch the final season earlier, you can do that with a Peacock subscription. 

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