Nick Cannon Purchase Insurance Worth $10 Million That Covers His Manhood

Nick Cannon Purchase Insurance Worth $10 Million That Covers His Manhood

In an unusual series of events, the American comedian, television host, and actor, Nick Cannon, ensured his manhood, stating that “it is his most private part.”

The Ball Don’t Lie actor, who reportedly has 12 children with different partners, has recently revealed in a media report that he has purchased insurance worth $10 million; the insurance covers his private part.

Now, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, shared the reason behind this unusual decision, and said, “I had to ensure my most valuable assets. Because you hear about like all these different celebrities insuring their legs… so I was like, ‘Hey, well, I got to insure my most valuable body part.”

Not only this but the actor also took to social media to announce his decision that involves preserving his private parts. The announcement’s caption read, “It’s official! I have the most valuable balls in the world!”

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Besides, his insurance is in collaboration with the soap and grooming company, Dr. Squatch and the brand’s ball care line press release. The statement said, “Instead of listening to the haters and getting a vasectomy, Nick is doubling down on his valuable family jewels and protecting his productive pair (and the super sperm inside of them) so he can keep procreating for years to come,”

The Hollywood personality has 12 children

  •  A 20-month-old son, Legendary Love With Bre Tiesi
  • Zillion Heir, Zion Mixolydian (Age: 2; they are twins), and a daughter, Beautiful Zeppelin ( Age: 16 months) with Abby De La Rose
  • Daughter, Onyx Ice (Age: 18 months) With LaNisha Cole
  • Daughter Halo Marie (age: 15 Months) With Alyssa Scott
  • Twin sons, Moroccan and Monroe (Age: 12 Years) with ex-wife Mariah Carey
  • Sons Golden Sagon, 7, Rise Messiah, 18 Months, and Daughter Powerful Queen, with Brittany Bell

One of his partners, Bre Teise, in a media statement, shared about Nick’s parenting, and said, “He manages it well. I feel like that’s why no one ever hears anything because we’re all happy. We all make it work. He’s such a good person, genuinely, and he cares and he does want to be there and he’s never gonna blow anything off.”

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