Katherine Schwarzenegger Is Pregnant, Expecting Third Baby With Chris Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger Is Pregnant, Expecting Third Baby With Chris Pratt

It’s about starting something new with the American actor, Chris Pratt and author, Katherine.

The American writer, 34, is pregnant and expecting her third baby with her husband, Chris Pratt. While the couple has been tight-lipped about pregnancy, a source close to the couple confirmed the news to an esteemed media house.

Before the news, on Friday, June 21, 2024, Katherine posted photographs from a planned family outing, which was captioned “Things That Make Me Happy. A gloomy morning followed by a barn visit.” However, she was featured in only one photograph showcasing her wearing a black sweatshirt while standing backside.

The acclaimed couple, Brad Pitt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, is already a doting parent to Eloise Christina and Lyla Maria, whose ages are 2 and 3, respectively. Besides, the American actor, Chris Pratt, is also father to a son, Jack, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Anna Faris.

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In March 2023, the mother of two, Katherine Schwarzenegger, attended the DSW: Best Foot Forward panel luncheon event wherein she shared her perceptions on sharing different roles in her life. Talking about her work as an author and a host to BDA Baby, an Instagram live series, she was asked how she feels about asking for help. She said, “So I think being able to be open about the fact that you don’t have to do it all, you can lean on people, you can enlist help from others and be okay with that. That, I feel, is such a big struggle for women in general, but I think especially if you’re balancing multiple roles, is saying, ‘I need help today,’ and that’s okay.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the US Weekly in 2022, she shared that she was open to expanding her family. She said, “I come from a big family, so I love the idea of having a lot of kids around and a big family. Whatever God has in his plan for us is what we’ll do.”

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