Nick Jonas Down With Influenza, Upcoming Jonas Brothers’ Show Rescheduled

Nick Jonas Down With Influenza, Upcoming Jonas Brothers’ Show Rescheduled

Nick Jonas is a part of the pop band Jonas Brothers. He shared on Instagram that he had caught influenza. This is the reason why the Jonas Brothers’ show in Mexico had to be postponed. Nick apologized to his fans for this sudden change. Meanwhile, he shared that his cold is only getting worse and not getting better.

American singer and songwriter Nick Jonas has shared with fans that he has influenza. He apologized to everyone for disappointing them, as the dates for the Jonas Brothers’ show had been changed. 

Notably, the Jonas Brothers, which includes Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick himself, were slated to perform in Mexico this weekend.

He added in the video that he posted on Friday on Instagram that the dates have been rescheduled because of his illness. 

The 31-year-old singer added,

Hey everybody, it’s Nick here. I have some not-so-fun news to share. A couple of days ago, I started feeling kind of rough; I lost my voice when I woke up and grinded that night out…Over the last two, two and a half days, it’s gotten progressively worse. I was basically in bed all day yesterday, fever, body ache, sore throat and really bad cough.

In addition, the health of the singer has not gotten better after the doctor’s checkup. 

Nick said,

I just need to recover and beat these things. I’m so sorry. I hate disappointing you guys. You do so much to support us. A lot of you have traveled out to be at that show. Just want to say I’m heartbroken over this. Again, I’m really sorry, but I gotta try to beat this thing.

It is evident how much the singer regrets disappointing his fans. Alongside the video, he captioned,

Hi guys. I have come down with the nasty strain of influenza A that’s been going around, and I’m not able to sing at the moment. We always want to be able to give you guys the best show, and I’m just not able to do that for these shows in Mexico at this time.

Meanwhile, Nick revealed in the video that the shows will now take place in August. The shows in Mexico City are scheduled for August 21 and August 22, while the ones in Monterrey will be held on August 24 and August 25.

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