Nicola Coughlan Pulled This Prank On Bridgerton Co-Star Luke Newton

Nicola Coughlan Pulled This Prank On Bridgerton Co-Star Luke Newton
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Nicola Coughlan plays Lady Whistledown in Netflix’s Bridgerton. She revealed in an interview how she pulled a prank on Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton in the show. The duo discussed the incident in a joint interview with People.

Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan has opened up about one of her mischievous activities. She recalled how she pulled a prank on her co-star Luke Newton after she learned about her past.

Luke was in a boy band previously. The show’s Penelope shared in a recent interview with People Magazine about her favorite behind-the-scenes moment. She said,

We had a fun one in one of the balls where Luke is meant to come in and interrupt a dance.

She said that after finding out about Luke’s boy band, she became happy instantly. Nicola said,

I had for years wanted to do this prank on him where he comes in to do a dance and instead of the music for the show playing, it would be his song from his boy band, but it took so much planning, it was insane.

Meanwhile, Luke, who portrays Colin Bridgerton, also became a part of the conversation with People. Nicola explained what she felt at that time to Newton in the interview.

I remember we knew what take it was going to happen on, the cameras were set up to turn to be on him, but it was so cute because you come up onto the dance floor and you interrupt this dance, and then we stand together to start dancing, and then your little face you went.

Newton also said that he had a hint of something unusual happening on the sets. 

It was so strange because I could feel it like a weird energy. I could feel that there was like, people were looking at me over their shoulder and I was like, are people nervous about me doing this dance? Because I’m absolutely fine, we’ll get through it.

He expressed his confusion as soon as the music hit his ears. Newton said,

And then all of a sudden I hear it because I had a piece in my ear first, I just had the tick, tick, tick, and I was like, it really sounds like… And then it was blasting on the speakers and all the dancers…

Nevertheless, the duo agreed that this particular scene would always remind them of this joke. The first part of the third season of Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix. Part 2 drops on June 13. 

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