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No Good Nick Season 3: Netflix Comedy Bids Adieu After Two Seasons

No Good Nick Season 3: Netflix Comedy Bids Adieu After Two Seasons

“No Good Nick” aired on Netflix for two seasons, introducing us to the story of teenage con artist, Nick. She infiltrates a family to take revenge for their part in ruining her life. But, she soon gets accustomed to them and forms a home-like bond. She begins to doubt if revenge is worth sacrificing this newfound belongingness.

Siena Agudong and Melissa Joan Hart delivered as Nick and Liz. It has an engaging storyline centered around the family unit and the enduring relationships between people. “No Good Nick” remained a beloved show for fans everywhere.

No Good Nick Season 3: Release Date

Sadly, Netflix canceled “No Good Nick” after just two seasons. It made the fans sad everywhere. It made its debut on Netflix in April 2019 and aired its conclusion six months later in October.

No Good Nick Renewal Status

Official Status of Renewal: Canceled 

The news of the show’s cancellation came out when the Emmy nominations were being announced. It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly, the cast and crew were full of hope just weeks prior to the renewal.

Sean Astin gave us a straightforward solution to help get our favorite show renewed for another season. He asked fans to watch the first two seasons.

The showrunner, David Steinberg said, “We are so unbelievably proud!” He also thanked Netflix “for being a place where creative people can flourish and do our small part to help change the world for the better.”

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No Good Nick Season 3: Plot

Siena Agudong plays Nick, a teenage con artist in Netflix’s “No Good Nick”. She infiltrates a seemingly happy family to take revenge for past wrongs. But as she gets to know them better, her feelings of malice towards them start dissipating. As a result, she sees the potential of having these people as her true family.

In season one, Nick delved into her cunning scheme to take revenge on her family. She tries her best to remain undetected. Once she was exposed in Season 2, a large number of events unfolded as a result. Everyone dealt with the aftermath and uncertainties surrounding Nick’s identity. With questions looming over what would come next for these characters, viewers were left hanging off a cliffhanger at its conclusion.

No Good Nick Season 3: Netflix Comedy Bids Adieu After Two Seasons

No Good Nick Season 3: Possible Return 

Despite its cancellation after the second season, it is possible that Netflix could renew “No Good Nick” in the future. Netflix has brought back several shows such as “Arrested Development” and “Designated Survivor” before. As of now, however, there are no official announcements regarding a third season for this show. But never say never!

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No Good Nick Season 3: Cast

  • Siena Agudong as Nick
  • Lauren Lindsey Donzis as Molly
  • Kalama Epstein as Jeremy
  • Sean Astin as Ed
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Liz
  • Kyla-Drew as Becky
  • Sanai Victoria as Tamika
  • Tiana Le as Xuan
  • Eddie McClintock as Tony Franzelli
  • Ted McGinley and Molly Hagan as Sam and Dorothy Harbaugh
  • Alex Poncio as Jim
  • Gus Kamp as Eric
  • Marco Sanchez as Eduardo
  • Lori Mae Hernandez as Riley
  • Josie Totah as Lisa Haddad
  • Jerry Trainor as Todd
  • Anthony Turpel as Will
  • Gavin Lewis as Omar
  • Jonathan Silverman as Paul

Can We Expect No Good Nick on Another Network?

The revival of ‘One Day at a Time’ on POP TV is proof of a show’s renewal on another network. Petitioning for No Good Nick for another network can help them continue the work successfully. 

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