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Nothing Phone 2 is Set to Release in the US This Year

Nothing Phone 2 is Set to Release in the US This Year

According to Carl Pei, the upcoming flagship device will be of more premium than its predecessor, the Phone 1

Nothing CEO and co-founder Carl Pei has fully verified the highly anticipated Phone 2 will launch in America later this year. According to Mr. Pei, their 2023 flagship will be significantly more premium than its predecessor, Nothing Phone 1.

During an interview with Inverse, Pei said several pieces of information. First, he declared that the US launch for Ear 1 earbuds was a key indicator for gauging consumer demand in America. He said, “We’re really excited about the US market because it’s a big country. If you look at our earbuds sales, about one-third comes from the US. And by not launching our phone in the US, we’re leaving potentially a third of the volume on the table.” For Nothing, the US launch of their Phone 2 is a top priority for this year, according to Pei.

According to Pei, declining smartphone sales in the US signify a ripe opportunity for pioneering technologies. “From a business point of view, [Apple and Samsung] shouldn’t go very niche and try something completely different because they might alienate current users. That’s where smaller companies like us can come in and try and do something different. It’s not that we’re smarter or that they can’t, but it just doesn’t make sense for them to do it.” Nevertheless, the major causes for its downfall are likely to be attributed to inflation, supply-chain difficulties and an unpredictable economy rather than economic stagnation.

According to Pei, the primary motivation that stalled Nothing from introducing its Phone 1 in America was restrictions and bureaucracy. US carriers typically demand Android manufacturers accommodate specific alterations together with preinstalled apps which can require a lot of resources. However, due to Nothing’s remarkable progress as well as capacity for mass production, it has been able to gain authority on this matter.

Pei said, “When you make a smartphone for the US, you need to work with the carriers on certification and adapting some of their features into your OS. We didn’t have the resources for that before, and now we do.” Pei highlights the remarkable growth of Nothing, which has expanded from 200 employees to a whopping 400 in just under one year.

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