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Now Canceled Immortals: Fenyx Rising 2 was a Blend of Elden Ring and Wind Waker

Now Canceled Immortals: Fenyx Rising 2 was a Blend of Elden Ring and Wind Waker
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Immortals: Fenyx Rising 2, the planned follow-up to Ubisoft’s open-world adventure had groundbreaking ambitions. The game was poised to combine the essence of Elden Ring and Wind Waker. The developers were forging a unique path diverting heavily from the first game. Sadly, all of this information is coming out months after Ubisoft officially canceled the sequel in July.   

According to reports citing sources familiar with the development of Immortals 2 (codenamed “Oxygen”), the venture commenced in 2021. The sequel was supposed to transcend the bounds of the original.

Immortals 2 was all set to shift its focus from Greek mythology to Hawaiian Polynesian culture. It would be inspired by the vibrant locales of New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island, and Hawaii. There would be elements of the Elden Ring. The game would encourage exploration, discovery, and navigation that depend heavily on user-choices. 

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The narrative thrust of Immortals 2 would have revolved around impressing Polynesian deities. The successful quests will result in the bestowal of elemental and shape-shifting abilities. These occurrences would manifest in the form of tattoos. The player’s actions would have a tangible impact on the environment and the world around them. 

Ubisoft’s open-world formula based on quest markers and handholding would be disrupted as the game would let players chart their own course through the islands following wildlife, navigating with the help of stars, and observing the wind. The project showcased a more realistic visual style, favoring realism over the original’s aesthetic.

Ubisoft’s Quebec studio was collaborating with Polynesian consultants to develop the game. They even managed to assemble a playable demo with several hours of gameplay. Notwithstanding the progressive strides, Ubisoft decided to halt production to allocate resources to more popular titles.

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