Netflix Renews Danish Sensation ‘Baby Fever’ for Thrilling Season 2

Netflix Renews Danish Sensation 'Baby Fever' for Thrilling Season 2

The Danish medical drama ‘Baby Fever,’ has been renewed for a highly anticipated second season. Netflix makes the announcement more than a year after the series’ debut. The series did hook a lot of viewers from the get-go. 

Baby Fever premiered on June 8th, 2022. It was a six-part series that ventured into uncharted territories. Focusing on a fertility doctor portrayed by the exceptional Josephine Park, the show took an unexpected twist.  The lead character, under the influence of a night of revelry, inseminated herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm. 

ITV Studios and their subsidiary production label Apple Tree Productions brought the series to life. This is their second venture with Netflix after the success of ‘Equinox.’ 

Netflix Nordic, the regional branch catering to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, took to Twitter on August 21st to confirm the return of the series. 

Here’s a short summary of the new season from Netflix

“In the second season of Baby Fever, we meet Nana (Josephine Park), now mother to a two-month-old baby. But, as much as she adores her child, Nana hates being on maternity leave. So she begs her old boss, Helle, to give her back her job. Helle grudgingly agrees: but no mistakes and no lies this time! Nana promises to mend her ways and do better, whatever it takes to become the world’s best fertility doctor again! The only thing is she hasn’t given any thought to who will care for her baby while she’s at work. Reluctantly, she ends up asking her mum to live in as a kind of permanent babysitter/roommate from hell. But Nana has no choice, because more than ever she has to excel at her job now that the perfect new star doctor, Hampus, has stepped into her shoes in her absence. Every day is a new mountain to climb, and to top it all, Mathias is still lurking in the wings. The great love of her life who got away, but also the love that doesn’t know he’s father to Nana’s baby. More than ever before, Nana needs to lie, and conversely, more than ever she needs to tell the truth…”

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