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Pacific Rim 3 Release Date: Is the Anime Series Coming Back?

Pacific Rim 3 Release Date: Is the Anime Series Coming Back?

Netflix’s animated series, Pacific Rim: The Black, was a success for several reasons. Firstly, streaming services rely heavily on animated content to draw in viewers. Secondly, the demand from fans for more stories set in the Pacific Rim universe created an opportunity that Netflix capitalized on. 

The Black is an emotional journey of two teenagers in a dystopian world, who are fighting to find their parents. Impactful and ranging with emotion, the adventure had the fans captivated from the beginning. It’s no wonder that Netflix loved it so much they renewed it for a second season!

Pacific Rim 3 Release Date: Is the Anime Series Coming Back?

Pacific Rim Season 3 Release Date

Although Pacific Rim: The Black wasn’t picked up for another season, fans of the show need not worry. It’s highly likely that The Black is just one story arc in a much bigger universe. This means that Netflix could release another series set in this same universe but focusing on entirely different characters and plotlines.

If Netflix continues to own this universe, it would make perfect sense. After all, TV serial forms don’t often aggressively work on it.

However, there is no information regarding the release date of Pacific Rim season 3. But we’ll make sure to keep an eye out and update you as soon as possible.

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Pacific Rim Season 3 Update

Pacific Rim: The Black, Netflix’s animated series based on the Guillermo Del Toro film from 2013, is set in Australia. Two siblings, Taylor and Hayley, pilot a Jaeger while searching for their parents in a world that has been overrun by monstrous Kaiju. Season 2 of the show was released on April 19th on Netflix, however, we know that there are no plans for a third season as of now.

The first season of Pacific Rim: The Black left audiences on the edge of their seats with seven episodes full of tension, romance, and action. So it’s safe to say that there will be more seasons. Recently in an interview with The Verge, series supervising director Hiroyuki Hayashi explained his vision for the show; he wanted to give viewers another perspective of the Kaiju invasion.

“The people in Pacific Rim: The Black are survivors who have been abandoned by the magic of advanced technology,” he said. “If anything, they are depicted to have a technology level closer to what we have today, except for the Jaeger technology.”

Hayashi believes that people are losing touch with reality as they try to keep up with advancements in technology. He foresees a future where the social gap between different groups only widens, especially those left behind who may only ever see advanced technologies when it is absolutely necessary.

Pacific Rim 3 Release Date: Is the Anime Series Coming Back?

Pacific Rim Season 3 Plot

The story of Pacific Rim revolves around Operation Blackout where we can see the evacuation of civilians and personnel from Kaiju-compromised areas. In order to avoid compromise, all Jaegers and Shatterdomes have been destroyed or buried.

After saving civilians from a Kaiju attack, Brina Travis and Rangers Ford leave to find help in the nearest evacuation cities. Five years later, their children Hayley and Taylor discover the PPDC base Shadow Basin that was buried underground. This abandoned base was Jaeger Atlas Destroyer’s training ground that was left behind when PPDC evacuated, with no weapons.

Upon using Atlas Destroyer, a Category IV Kaiju known as Copperhead is immediately drawn to their location and destroys the safe haven that they had been living in up until this point. Because of this tragedy, all of the other survivors are killed. With no options left, Taylor and Hayley use Atlas Destroyer to begin searching for their parents with high hopes but unfortunately encounter many setbacks along the way. One such roadblock happened when they were trying to look for a power cell – during this time They met a boy who was stuck in the basement PPDC Recruitment Center.

After a close call with a mixture of Jaeger and Kaiju, as well as some regular canine Kaiju, they meet Shane and Mei in Bogan. The siblings fight against the Kaiju Copperhead throughout their journey. A showdown with the Jaeger-Kaiju Hybrid Apex reveals more information about these creatures. “The Sisters”, which were talked about by Shane, are finally revealed to them alongside the reveal of the so-called Kaiju Messiah.

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Pacific Rim Season 3 Cast

  • Hayley Travis played by Gideon Adlon
  • Taylor Travis played by Calum Worthy
  • Loa played by Erica Lindbeck
  • Kaiju Boy played by Ben Diskin
  • Mei played by Victoria Grace
  • Shane played by Andy McPhee
  • Ford Travis played by Jason Spisak
  • Briana Travis played by Allie MacDonald
  • Root played by David Errigo
  • Spyder played by Martin Klebba
  • Corey played by Bryton James
  • Rickter played by Leonardo Nam
  • Marshall Rask Nolan North
  • Joel Wyrick played by Vincent Piazza
  • Demarcus played by Ryan Robinson
  • Shiro Ito played by Ron Yuan
  • Hercules Herc Hensen played by Max Martini
  • Bunyip Man played by Rhys Darby

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When is pacific rim 3 coming out?

Pacific Rim 3 is not coming back anytime soon.

What is the black Protocol in Pacific Rim?

Operation Blackout is a defence Corpse emergency protocol standardized in a pan-Pacific area.

How old should you be to watch Pacific Rim: The Black?

One must be 13+ years old to watch Pacific Rim: The Black.

What is a hybrid Kaiju?

A hybrid Kaiju is a small-scale humanoid with a short tail.

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