Portal 64 Developer Doesn’t Want You to be Mad at Valve for the Project Shutdown

Portal 64 Developer Doesn't Want You to be Mad at Valve for the Project Shutdown

James Lambert, the creator of the recently canceled Portal 64, has shared a new video urging the fans to not blame Valve. Lambert has spent a lot of his time building Valve’s portal for Nintendo 64, which was shut down after Valve’s lawyers told Lambert to stop working on it.

In the video shared by Lambert, he reveals that he knew this was going to happen. He said, “I don’t blame them at all, and I don’t think you should either. Don’t be mad at Valve here. The project was probably doomed to be taken down from the beginning.” The developer also said it was nearly impossible for the fan remake of Portal to be on the Nintendo SDK. Lambert worked on Portal for two years and shared this video as a follow-up announcement that Portal 64 is officially dead. “I can’t say I didn’t expect this at some point, it’s their IP on a Nintendo console. I was hopeful I could get it to completion, but this is not unexpected.” Lambert added.

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Portal 64 used Valve’s IP address and was being built on Nintendo’s official Software Development Kit, LibUltra. If the project had been successful, it would have been a complete restoration of the original first-person puzzler Valve’s Portal, playable on Nintendo 64. Lambert has given thought to switching to Libdragon; however, it is difficult for him to carry out such an amount of work.

Lambert has been calm about how everything turned out for him and stated that he is ready to move on and work on something bigger. He said, “I’m pretty happy with how far I got with it. I’m thinking I want to create an original game and develop it simultaneously for the Nintendo 64 and PC, that way it’s an interesting project that runs on N64, but I also have a way to easily monetize that and have a wide audience of people who could buy it.” He plans to continue sharing Nintendo 64 hack videos on his YouTube channel.

Video by James Lambert

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