The Fate of Lopez vs. Lopez: Will the Second Season Be Released on Netflix?

The Fate of Lopez vs. Lopez: Will the Second Season Be Released on Netflix?

Lopez vs. Lopez is a sitcom starring American comedian George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez. The drama made its NBC debut on November 4, 2022, and Lopez vs. Lopez was renewed for season 2 in May 2023. Surprisingly, Netflix secured the sitcom’s rights, and it was added to Netflix US in November 2023, with all 22 episodes from the first season. The show, created by George Lopez, Mayan Lopez, and Debby Wolfe, revolves around George and Mayan moving in together to improve the father-daughter relationship and facing many ups and downs through the first season. After its release on Netflix US, the show secured its position on the charts for three consecutive days and ranked sixth on the list of most-watched shows on November 7, 2023.

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It is good news for the fans to have the show return with a second season; however, it is unclear whether Netflix will have it on the platform. The second season of the show, announced in May 2023, was initially supposed to have 13 episodes, but it has been reduced to 10. The date of release is not known yet; however, the creator and executive producer, Debby Wolfe, confirmed on Instagram that the show is expected to release in February 2024.

The first season of the show talked about Mayan’s struggles as a child whose parents are divorced and George’s struggles with alcohol. The season ended with George deciding not to drink anymore as he had started to not remember his time with his family. It pretty much wrapped up the storyline of George’s alcoholism; however, there are endless possibilities for season 2, and fans are hoping for it to return to the screen as soon as possible. The show is also expected to expand its guest star cast in the second season after featuring Mellisa Fumero, Danny Trejo, and Constance Marie in the first season.

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