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Prison Architect 2 to be Released on March 26 With New 3D Visuals

Prison Architect 2 to be Released on March 26 With New 3D Visuals

The classic hit game Prison Architect is getting a sequel. Prison Architect 2 will be launched on March 26 on PC via Steam, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5. Prison Architect 2 is a prison management stimulator that uses 3D graphics, including floors, constructing a sandbox, career mode, and inmate relations. Paradox Interactive said, “The game offers deeper simulation, greater player control, an inhabitant behaviour system, and creative options to define the next generation of management gameplay.” The sequel is predicted to be different from the first Prison Architect game, as the new 3D graphics will provide the users with an entirely new experience.

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The main focus of the game is to build, handle, and be responsible for one’s new prison, now having multiple floors, by using your resources. This also focuses on managing tasks like the schedules and policies of the prison. However, the game is not as easy as it looks, as the day-to-day lives of your inmates will also depend on these designs and decisions. The game, which will be a prequel to the first part released in 2015, will have new gameplay along with other creative features. It will display the bonds among the prisoners, and users will be able to see the friends and enemies of all prisoners to determine the potential partners and to find out which prisoners are more likely to get into a fight.

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According to the developer, “To keep players on their toes even more, inmates will also now make decisions based on their wants and needs, and plot their paths “better than ever.” The blog post added, “Plan carefully or you may have to cope with escapes, gang wars, and all sorts of expensive and destructive problems.” The game director at Double Eleven, Gareth Wright, also said, “We look forward to seeing how players get creative with multiple floors and catwalks to finally construct and expand in 3D. And then optimize and balance their prison’s safety, security, and self-betterment.”

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