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Psychonauts 3: Developer Double Fine Hints of No Return

Psychonauts 3: Developer Double Fine Hints of No Return
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Unfortunately, Double Fine Productions is not working on the much-anticipated video game right now. As a result, it has squashed the gamer’s hope of playing the game any time soon.

In an interview with a leading media house, Psychonauts’ creator Tim Schafer defies on working with Psychonauts 3 and said he is working on other games which have been lined up. In his words, ”Willy Wonka closed the door. But soon we could open and cause a lot of harm to a lot of children, just like Willy Wonka.”

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On a good note, Schafer’s statement had given hope that the adventurous video game can be renewed in the future. In June, the video gaming brand, Xbox posted a photo on Twitter, which hinted at Psychonauts. Nevertheless, later it was clarified that it was a pun based on a game, Noughts, and Crosses.

Schafer, during a media interaction, mentioned that he was more interested in developing another interesting game rather than working on the previous project (Psychonauts). 

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Meanwhile, Psychonauts was released in April 2005. After a long gap of fifteen years, the next part of the game was released in 2021. Hope that we are not told to wait again for this many years for part 3. Although the game is worth playing, is it worth waiting for 15 years to play a third part of a video game?

In addition to it, the Psychonauts review reads, ”On the surface, Psychonauts 2 is an engaging, ambitious, honed-in take on colorful 3D platformers. However, the most rewarding aspect hasn’t just been mastering its platforms or combat, but peeling back the layers to see what’s beneath it.”


When will Psychonauts 3 release?

There are no confirmed dates for Psychonauts 3. Moreover, the development company has decided to keep the game on hold for a while.

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