What Is Shopper Marketing? Example, Agencies And More

What Is Shopper Marketing? Example, Agencies And More
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Shopper marketing to consumers while they shop is a relatively recent strategy. Shopper marketing is a relatively new subfield of marketing with a singular focus: the customer is king. This contrasts with trade marketing, which has been around since the 1980s. Success in shopper marketing depends on catering to clients’ wants and going the extra mile to provide them with a memorable experience. The average yearly income for a shopper marketing manager salary in India ranges from 0.1 Lakhs to 55.0 Lakhs.

When a consumer enters your business, they’re not just there to buy something but for the whole retail experience. If you want more satisfied and invested customers, a shopper marketing plan may be the way to go. You already know happy consumers spend more money and tell others about their positive experiences. If you succeed in making your customers pleased, word will spread. 

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Strategies for Shopper Marketing

To what extent does shopper marketing boost revenue and customer loyalty? The most effective shopper marketing campaigns include various strategies to interact with consumers at multiple stages throughout the purchase decision journey.

Promotion tools: 

These displays aim to draw customers’ attention to things currently on sale. They also assist customers in locating the items of their preferred brands and navigating the shop. Displays, wobblers, shelf stoppers, shelf talkers, danglers, posters, etc., are all point-of-sale items.

Demonstrations and product sampling: 

Marketers profit from demos because they raise awareness of new items and, more crucially, allow consumers to try out the product for themselves and see whether they like it. Customers are encouraged to test before they purchase by providing them with samples of food and cosmetics. In this approach, businesses earn the trust of their customers.

Concept and Setting: 

Marketers may use design and ambience to attract customers and encourage purchases. Using aromas and music, you may encourage customers to spend more time browsing your business. Calm and quiet music might encourage customers to linger, depending on your business. During the holiday, jazz and classical music aid in moving higher-priced items, and vice versa for Christmas music. Bread, coffee, and fruit smell wonderful when newly cooked.

Live Chats and Chatbots: 

Almost all major companies now provide an online chat service, whether it’s a chat widget on their website or a bot on Facebook or Twitter. These virtual assistants are used to introduce customers to a business, show them the items they may be interested in, and even make an order for them. Users like bots that allow them to save time searching for certain things by engaging with them through buttons, rapid answers, and input.

Geo-targeted Ads: 

Users of both Facebook and Google may make their geo-targeted ads. This allows you to tailor communications, information, and advertisements to individual users depending on where they are. Local businesses like garages, doctors, plumbers, and more may all benefit greatly from this kind of advertisement.

Examples of Shopper Marketing

Here are a few prominent examples of shopper marketing:

  • Maxwell House: The coffee company launched a big consumer marketing effort after releasing a new blend. Over two million free sample cups and eight thousand four hundred coffee shop discount coupons were distributed. The coupon redemption rate was a record high for the firm.
  • Walmart: Many cold and flu medications are sold at Walmart more than at any other store. They found that people want to avoid shopping for medicines in a huge store while they’re unwell. The company collaborated with manufacturers to create in-store advertisements urging shoppers to stock up on flu treatment.
  • Target: Target rethought their store designs after it realized it needed to do better in the infant clothing department. Mothers put a high priority on making the change from diapers to training pants, according to the data. It’s a significant life change for mom and baby. They have kept diapers and pull-ups near one another. Target was able to capitalize on parents’ sense of transition by relegating training pants to their aisle.

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List of Shopper Marketing Agencies

Many organizations prioritize shopper marketing because it allows for rapid ROI through higher sales. It is recommended that you work with a shopper marketing firm that is familiar with the specifics of your industry. However, several companies that specialize in shopper marketing are as follows:

  • Arc Worldwide
  • Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide 
  • Edge Marketing
  • Epsilon Catapult
  • Geometry Global
  • Mars Agency
  • Momentum Worldwide
  • Mosaic Shopper
  • The Marketing Arm

Innovations and enhancements to shopper marketing will follow the progress of technology and customer preferences. If consumer packaged goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses pay attention to key consumer developments and trends, they may have a bright future.

There is little doubt that in the future, more and more attention will be paid to using reliable data to affect and influence shopper marketing choices. Millions of retail data points, like market intelligence, may shed light and give insights into customer behavior. 

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