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“Queenmaker” Season 1: April Premiere & Latest Updates

"Queenmaker" Season 1: April Premiere & Latest Updates

“Queenmaker,” a new political K-drama, is set to arrive on Netflix in 2023.

Netflix has an impressive lineup of K-dramas coming in 2023, and one of the most anticipated ones is the political drama Queenmaker. The show is set to arrive in April 2023, and we have all the details you need, including the plot, cast, and Netflix release date.

The series is directed by Oh Jin Suk, who previously directed “My First Love,” and written by screenwriter Moon Ji Young, who is known for “Who Are You?” 

Queenmaker Netflix Release Date

“Queenmaker” is set to release on Netflix with all 12 episodes available for streaming from Friday, April 14th, 2023. 

This news has been confirmed with the release of the official teaser trailer.

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Queenmaker Plot

In “Queenmaker,” two women team up to achieve a common goal. Hwang Do Hee, a successful career woman who hasn’t taken off her high heels in 12 years, joins forces with Oh Seung Sook, a labor rights lawyer also known as the “crazy rhinoceros.” Oh Seung Sook is the leader of the Worker’s Solidarity with Rights foundation, the president of the women’s workers association, and a popular YouTuber who isn’t interested in authority. Despite their differences, Hwang Do Hee, the “Queen Maker,” is determined to make Oh Seung Sook the mayor of Seoul. 

Video by Netflix K-Content

Queenmaker Cast

The cast of “Queenmaker” includes:

  • Kim Hee Ae as Hwang Do Hee
  • Moon So Ri as Oh Seung Sook
  • Ryu Soo Young as Baek Jae Min
  • Kim Tae Hoon as Ma Jung Seok
  • Ki Do Hoon 
  • Lee Kyung Young as Seo Min Jeong
  • Kin Kyung as Seo Min Jeong
  • Seo Yi Sook as Son Young Shim
  • Won Tae Min as Soo Ho
  • Han Chae Kyung as Han Yi Seul
  • Ok Ya Yeon 
  • Jo Won Hee 
  • Kim Byung Ok 

Filming and Episode Count for Queenmaker

Queenmaker was filmed entirely in South Korea from December 2021 to June 2022.

The upcoming Netflix K-drama series will consist of 12 episodes, each with an approximate runtime of 60 minutes.

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