American Personality Rachel Lindsay Responds to Her Estranged Husband’s Divorce Petition

American Personality Rachel Lindsay Responds to Her Estranged Husband’s Divorce Petition

During the American attorney, Rachel Lindsay’s divorce, the personality has now responded to the estranged husband’s spousal support; however, she is still willing to pay him a five-figure support/each month.

According to a report by TMZ, Lindsay has revised the divorce agreement, and according to the podcaster, depending on how much she earns every month, she should make a dedication that will end the spousal support at $9,882.

In the same divorce documents, the podcaster claimed that she earns a monthly salary of $61,019/month, while her estranged husband, Bryan Abasolo, who is a licensed doctor of Chiropractic, makes a monthly salary of $13,413.

While Bryan is currently seeking spousal support, and according to his divorce documents, he only made $16,000. Nevertheless, it was refused by Rachel Lindsay saying that he earns more and he also earns a substantial income from social media.

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Not only this but the entertainer, in her divorce petition, has also blasted Bryan’s request to pay his attorney. The former “Bachelorette” participant, wrote, “I am not flush with cash, as he believes me to be,” Lindsay, 39, writes. “And I certainly cannot pay his attorney $75,000 to litigate our uncomplicated divorce. If I did so, I would not have sufficient funds remaining to pay my counsel.”

The podcaster also revealed that the ex-duo’s lifestyle was not as luxurious as it was shown by her estranged partner. She added, “The marital standard of living (‘MSOL’) was nowhere near as glamorous as Bryan portrays it to be. We also “rarely saw each other or even lived together during [their] brief marriage.”

Rachel Lindsay, who came into the limelight with her appearance in The Bachelorette, legally married Bryan Abasolo on October 4, 2019. However, the duo separated on December 31, 2023, and filed for divorce on January 2, 2024.

As of 2024, Lindsay is a co-host of the educational podcast “Higher Learning;” she co-hosts with Van Lathan.

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