Ratched Season 2: What We Know So Far

Ratched Season 2: What We Know So Far
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“Ratched”, the prequel series to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” premiered on Netflix in 2020. It initially received a two-season order, but the status of Ratched season 2 remains uncertain.

Ratched, created by Ryan Murphy, serves as an origin story and prequel to the iconic character of Nurse Ratched from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” The series explores ethics, criminality, mental health, and abuse in psychiatric hospitals in the late 1940s.

While some aspects of the show’s depiction of mental institutions and treatments are criticized as unrealistic, the series maintains an over-the-top and chaotic style characteristic of Ryan Murphy’s work. “Ratched” captures the atmosphere of certain “American Horror Story” seasons, with complex characters, body horror, and dark themes. The aesthetics, period costumes, and scenery contrast with the cruel treatments depicted in the series.

The series delves into Nurse Ratched’s traumatic past, portraying her as a complex character shaped by her upbringing and experiences. Sarah Paulson’s portrayal of Nurse Ratched adds depth to the character. The show also features other notable actors, including Finn Wittrock and Cynthia Nixon.

A cliffhanger finale

Ratched season 1 leaves viewers with an uncertain finale, hinting at further developments in Nurse Ratched’s character and her relationship with Edmund Tolleson, portrayed by Finn Witrock. The cliffhanger simply feels like Aviator games gone bad.

In the Aviator game, a bad decision can lead to a loss, leaving you wondering about all the what-ifs, much like the cliffhanger ending of your favourite TV series. This is especially due to the intense and suspenseful nature of the gameplay. The core challenge in the game revolves around predicting the duration of a plane’s flight before it inevitably crashes. 

Edmund escapes the mental institution with Charlotte and Louise to Mexico, raising questions about his return. DigitalSpy speculates on various relationships, including those between Edmund and Charlotte, and a potential crossover with the 1975 movie. Paulson hints at Mildred’s transformation in Season 2. We have all the speculations, but there’s no clear hint at all about the continuation of the series.

“Ratched” garnered high viewership and received multiple award nominations but was costly to produce. It was among Netflix’s top Originals, drawing 48 million viewers in its first four weeks. Nielsen ratings recorded 972 million minutes viewed in the US alone. It ranked as the 10th biggest TV show of 2022, according to Flixpatrol, despite a late-year release. In the US, it stayed in the top 10 for 28 days, and in the UK, it was in the top 10 for 39 days. 

The series won 4 Primetime Emmys but was costly, with episodes estimated at $10 to $15 million each. With Netflix facing financial issues, having its Q1 performance fell short of expectations this year, it makes the condition even more uncertain for this big-budget series.

Netflix added only 1.75 million customers, compared to the anticipated 2.41 million. The company also projected lower sales and profit for the current quarter, postponing its plan to address password sharing in the US. They anticipate new customer numbers in this period to be on par with Q1.

Will there be a season 2?

Murphy, the show’s creator, is leaving Netflix for Disney, which raises questions about the show’s future. Even main star Paulson is uncertain if season 2 will happen, and it appears increasingly unlikely. 

The show has not been formally cancelled, but it may have quietly been shelved. It might be the final season if it does occur, as Netflix seems more invested in Murphy’s other series. While Netflix has renewed other Murphy projects, Ratched has not been mentioned. 

There is no release date for Ratched season 2 so far, and filming has not started. Additionally, industry strikes could further delay production. The show’s future remains uncertain.

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