Ridge Wallet Review: A Small Step Towards Minimalism

Ridge Wallet Review: A Small Step Towards Minimalism

Are you one of those who can never carry bulky items in their pocket? You have to carry your phone, keys, and wallets wherever you go, and it becomes irritating at some point.

The Ridge wallet is a slim metal wallet that focuses on helping you keep all the utilities in it. It is made up of premium products and comes with a 45-day trial and a lifetime guarantee. The wallet has three components: two RFID-blocking metal plates to protect your cards, a band that holds everything together, and a clip for cash. These minimal characteristics make the wallet worth buying.

The wallet is available in carbon fibre, aluminium, polycarbonate, and titanium in various colours. You can get the replacement parts from their website, which will help you maintain the wallet’s condition. The price of a Ridge wallet ranges from $45 for a polycarbonate model to $115 for a carbon fibre model.

The Ridge wallet Review

The Ridge wallet helps you keep up to 12 cards in your pocket at a time. The aluminium option prevents tearing and fraying of the wallet, a problem that is very common with leather and nylon wallets. The wallet is worth buying for some people because of its mere size alone, especially if you are not very responsible with your belongings. The Ridge can manage wear and tear as it’s metal-made. It can be preserved by a Ridge wallet Airtag. The Airtag case doesn’t make the wallet bulkier and still provides the capacity to hold up to 12 cards.

Ridge wallet coupons are also given by many brands for free when you purchase any item from them. The Ridge wallet discount codes are another option to make your buying experience less expensive, as confirmed by the Ridge wallet reviews.

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Pros of buying the Ridge wallet

  • Free personalisation opportunities are being given for a limited time.
  • It is a patented design, so you are not going to get the same quality anywhere else.
  • The Ridge has over 3 million customers, making it a more credible brand.
  • The company has a 45-day trial policy, and you can return the products if they are unsatisfactory.
Ridge Wallet Review: A Small Step Towards Minimalism

Cons of buying the Ridge wallet

  • During the promotion, the brand ignores the fact that there are many better wallets and card folders, and not everyone carries bulky, receipt- and coupon-filled wallets anymore.
  • There are leather and nylon wallets that last for over a decade without the need for screws and tight elastics just to keep them all together.
  • If any screw or elastic is misplaced, you will have to buy a new one at $7 each. It can be a bit inconvenient for some people.
  • Many Ridge wallet reviewers said that they face problems while inserting or removing the card. Cards with logos are difficult to insert inside the wallet.

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Ridge Wallet Alternative

While we are all aware of the great features of the Ridge wallet, there is one big reason why you might be searching for its alternative. While it makes the best carbon fibre and metal wallets, many people do not want to spend $250 just for a wallet. There are many wallets out there similar to the Ridge; why not buy something cheaper and more functional? Here’s the list of the best 5 alternatives to the Ridge.

1. Mountain Voyage minimalist wallet

On the list of minimalist wallets, Mountain Voyage serves as a very good option. These wallets are stylish, functional, and durable. The wallets are long-lasting and aesthetic. This wallet also has RFID blocking technology, protects your card, and is very fashionable. It has a walnut finish and many metallic options, making it trustworthy.

2. Hayvenhurst Slim wallet

This wallet comes with a beautiful design, providing you with a carbon fibre case with a capacity to hold up to 12 cards. Its design is open to customisation, allows you to add a coin holder, and comes in four colours.

3. Radix One Slim wallet

This is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a lightweight and durable card carrier. It can hold up to 190 cards and is very affordable. A silicon band helps you keep all the cash together. It costs very little, so you won’t have to worry about investing the money all at once, and you can replace it as many times as needed.

4. Roco minimalist aluminium slim wallet

This wallet only has two plates, held together by a band. It has different band sizes; the smaller one can hold up to 6 cards, while the larger one can keep 20 cards together. The band can also be used as a money clip, and the wallet has a very affordable price.

5. Ekster Senate

It is a small wallet with features that set it apart. Aluminium coated on leather makes the wallet stylish. It is the right choice for those who want the same features as men’s ridge wallets but at a pocket-friendly price.

In conclusion, the Ridge wallet is suitable for those who use it barely. If you fear RFID crime or are against any animal cruelty, like the use of leather, then go for it.

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