ZIPAIR Review: A Cost-Effective Comfort Journey

ZIPAIR Review: A Cost-Effective Comfort Journey
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Want to go to Japan? Many airlines offer the option to fly between the US and Japan, but ZIPAIR is the first low-cost airline to work between two continents. However, it gives the passengers a choice of very limited routes to and from Tokyo. Namely, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. But ZIPAIR allows passengers to travel in business class for cheap, unlike others. In this article, we’ll provide a complete ZIPAIR Review, offering insights into its unique features, service efficiency, and overall travel experience.

What is ZIPAIR?

ZIPAIR, legally ZIPAIR Tokyo, is a Japanese low-cost airline with its headquarters at Narita International Airport. A subsidiary of Japan Airlines, it was launched in 2018. However, it started passenger flights in December 2020. Currently, its route network has seven destinations overseas, including four in the United States.

But is ZIPAIR a good airline? According to many ZIPAIR reviews, it is a super nice budget airline with a clean and stylish interior. It costs 200 bucks for the user to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and it is hard to beat.

ZIPAIR business class

Many people fly business class just to feel the comfort of adequate space and a flat seat, not to be pampered. If you belong to this category and are someone who doesn’t care about fancy food, then ZIPAIR Airlines is the cheapest option to provide you with these facilities, as per many ZIPAIR Tokyo reviews.

Most of the airlines charge at least $4000 to $10000 for flying business class from the West Coast to Japan. But ZIPAIR, the low-cost airline, offers business-class tickets at half the price. It does not cost more than $1000 each way.

The seats provide aisle access to the passengers and are 20 inches wide. These business-class seats do not have entertainment facilities but allow passengers to access free wifi to watch movies and order food or drinks of their choice. ZIPAIR does not provide blankets, so you might feel cold. However, you can buy them easily or bring one from home.

The ZIPAIR San Jose flights started on December 12, 2023, and now offer non-stop flights between San José Mineta International Airport and Narita International Airport.

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How to book a ZIPAIR flight?

Direct booking

Unlike other airlines, you cannot book with ZIPAIR through online travel agencies. So if you want to book a ticket, you need to do it directly from the ZIPAIR website. However, you can search for it using Google Flights and be directed to the ZIPAIR site for booking.

Early booking

Due to limited routes and flights, there are higher chances of the tickets being sold out early. Passengers need to be quick while booking flights to avoid any difficulty.

Packaged deals

It will cost you money for everything that ZIPAIR offers, but similar to other low-cost airlines, it will provide you the option to choose services for money savings.

The premium option will include picking up your seat, food, carry-on luggage, checked luggage, and a service kit. Having a premium option will save you 30% more money than buying it individually.

Similarly, the valued option includes checked luggage, seat selection, and a meal, saving almost 20% if bundled, whereas the business option includes only seat selection and carry-on luggage.

ZIPAIR Review: A Cost-Effective Comfort Journey

ZIPAIR fare types

ZIPAIR has two types of fares. The first type, a standard fare, offers you a seat in the economy section and just gets you from one point to another with no fancy luxury.

The second type, which is the ZIP Full Flat, offers a limited business class option. You will get a flat seat, but you will have to pay extra for all other things like food and luggage.

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ZIPAIR baggage fees

The baggage fee on ZIPAIR is less than that of other low-cost airlines. All passengers can bring up to two bags without paying extra. The first bag can be 16 inches by 10 inches by 21 inches, while the second can be 14 inches by 10 inches by 18 inches. The combined weight of both bags should not exceed 15.4 pounds. If the bags weigh up to 26 pounds combined, then an additional carry-on bag fee will be imposed. The fee for flights from the US to Tokyo is $41.

The checked luggage will be charged, with the price range varying based on the route and weight of your bag. A 50-pound bag costs $59 when travelling from the US to Tokyo.

ZIPAIR Seat Selection Fees

It also varies based on your destination and the chosen seat. The first row and last row seats can be booked up to 48 hours before the takeoff, while either seat can be chosen up to 24 hours before the flight.

If you choose not to pay for seat selection, you’ll be given a seat randomly during check-in, which will not change later. There is an extra charge to pick up your seats online.


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