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Samsung Introduces The First Transparent MicroLED Screen At CES 2024

Samsung Introduces The First Transparent MicroLED Screen At CES 2024

Samsung reveals the world’s first transparent microLED screen at CES 2024. Though the company’s microLED TVs have not been very popular in the last few years at CES, this time, Samsung showed that it is still at the top of these categories with these new transparent microLED screens.

The Samsung micro LED is no less than a real-looking TV in looks. The product displayed at CES is more like a prototype, but the company’s plans are interesting. However, transparent OLED and LCD screens have been available on the market for a long time, but Samsung’s microLED has a bright and clear image quality and is transparent so that you can easily see the other side of the screen. This product is more commercial, as the TV easily disappears when it is not being used.

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At CES 2024, Samsung set up a transparent TV with a standard TV that displayed soccer matches and fireworks. It wanted to show the feeling of sitting in a game, where the windows were transparent micro-LEDs. The match scores and other highlights can be seen on the windows of microLED TVs. In Samsung wall TVs, the standard opaque micro LED technology is used, similar to companies like Sony and LG. While Samsung says its microLED technology is not yet available on the market, it will be exciting to see what the company plans to do with it next.

A recent report also said that these micro-TVs will not hit the market for the next few years, so people are curious to know what the transparent micro-LED TV experience is going to be like. The current non-transparent micro-TVs cost around $150,000 for a 110-inch model, which is far from affordable, and it will take time for everyone to be eligible to buy this product.

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