Top 5 Alternatives to LiveLeak for Raw Content Sharing

Top 5 Alternatives to LiveLeak for Raw Content Sharing

LiveLeak was a British video-sharing website with its headquarters in London. Founded in 2006, the site published videos of war and politics, among others, to promote citizen journalism. However, it could only run for 15 years and shut down on May 5, 2021. In this article, we’ll read about top 5 LiveLeak alternatives and their pros and cons.

What is LiveLeak, and What Happened to LiveLeak?

The website rose in popularity after the leak of a video of Saddam Hussein’s execution. It received a mention from Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary, as a forum to learn about active American soldiers.

In 2007, the BBC broadcast a show that the violence between kids was being posted on websites like LiveLeak. However, Hayden Hewitt, the co-founder, replied that they were not going to take the video down and this was happening in real life, and that they were going to show it.

LiveLeak was again involved in a controversy when they hosted the anti-Quran film, Fitna, on the site. The film was taken down because of the personal threats against Hewitt but was reuploaded after ensuring the safety of Hewitt and his family. However, it was again removed due to a copyright claim.

In 2014, Islamic State terrorists posted a video of the beheading of James Foley, a US journalist, on sites like YouTube. Meanwhile, YouTube and Facebook deleted and banned this footage, but LiveLeak was currently allowing it, so the demand increased. Soon, Hewitt posted that their policy has been updated and they will ban all the beheading footage from Islamic states.

The site was banned in 2021, with the URL being directed to, where users are banned from uploading violent and gory content. Therefore, ItemFix is a LiveLeak replacement.

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LiveLeak alternatives

Due to the shutdown of LiveLeak, users have started looking for websites like LiveLeak. So, these are a few LiveLeak alternatives.

1. Engage Media

This non-profit website is an alternative to LiveLeak, focusing on protecting citizens’ digital rights. The site aims to protect human rights and create change through media platforms. It allows users to create an account and upload and share videos. Furthermore, their collaboration with Canadian TV made it a popular video-sharing platform. Additionally, Engage Media can be streamed on any device, including desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones.

Pros of Engage Media

  • Users can apply filters to their preferences.
  • It posts videos on digital rights.

Cons of Engage Media

  • You cannot download a video from this website.

2. Xfinity Video

This alternative to LiveLeak allows users to watch news videos about entertainment, sports, etc. from channels like CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, etc. Unlike other platforms, Xfinity Video is a part of the Xfinity service and gives subscribers access to different types of content. Moreover, the platform gives users a wide range of licensed content and premium entertainment.

Pros of Xfinity Video

  • You can stream videos through your Xfinity account.

Cons of Xfinity Video

  • Focuses on entertainment content instead of citizen journalism.
Top 5 Alternatives to LiveLeak for Raw Content Sharing

3. DTube

DTube operates on the STEEM blockchain and has an appearance similar to YouTube. It allows adult content and does not have any limitations. Users can vote for the creator, and it will reward the creator. In addition, the rewards are paid in cryptocurrency, a step towards an advanced future. Therefore, this alternative is easier to use because of its similarity with YouTube when it comes to interface.

Pros of DTube

  • You can upload and stream videos just like YouTube.

Cons of DTube

  • You cannot download a video directly from DTube.

4. ItemFix

After the shutdown of LiveLeak, the URL started leading to itemfix. It allows users to post and edit audio and video content. It was thought to be similar to LiveLeak. But unlike LiveLeak, it prevents users from uploading violent and gory content. The website supports the English language and contains random videos.

Pros of ItemFix

  • Users can view videos related to current affairs.

Cons of ItemFix

  • Unlike LiveLeak, it has some limitations.

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5. Ebaum’s world

This website is owned by Literally Media and was founded in 2001. It provides scary and funny content and has a wide range of movie content. The video section has clips of news events or many viral video clips. However, the content is unpredictable, and Ebaum’s world serves as a LiveLeak replacement.

Pros of Ebaum’s world

  • Provides video content for different genres.
  • You can comment on the videos and interact with others.

Cons of Ebaum’s world

  • The website interface is a bit outdated.


In conclusion, these are the various LiveLeak alternatives for accessing content similar to LiveLeak. However, it is advised to use a VPN while opening these websites, as the content might not be suitable and cause trouble. It can also affect your data security and put you at risk.


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