Scientists Unveils Weird Virus-Like Entities in Human Gut and Mouth, Named “Obelisks”

Scientists Unveils Weird Virus-Like Entities in Human Gut and Mouth, Named “Obelisks”

With Scientists analysing massive amounts of genetic sequences from plants, animals, and microbes, they often surprise individuals with their newly discovered research. Among the newly discovered research is a unique kind of virus-like entity that inhibits bacteria dwelling in the human mouth and gut, and they are called “obelisks” due to their presumed microscopic shape.

Obelisks are a replica of viruses; however, in a small and simple way. Owing to their smaller size, they fall into the classification of obelisks. Besides, despite most of the viroids being infectious agents; the obelisks are researched with unique characteristics and it does not look like the case of obelisks.

Meanwhile, according to research, Obelisks are more complex than ordinary viroids which are small amounts of RNA which generally infect plants. Meanwhile, the same research concludes that some obelisks carry instructions for making enzymes copy themselves.

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Another surprising detail concluded by the research is that about 7 per cent of the bacteria in our guts have them and a staggering 50 per cent of mouth guts do too.

However, the arguing part of the research is where these viroids came from. Did they evolve from viruses or viroids? Following other research concludes the results, it will become easier for scientists.

Learning more about obelisks will help human beings teach us about things like how bacteria in our bodies interact and help us stay healthy. It could also give us clues to make treatments to improve our health by tinkering with our microbiomes. 

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