Scout and Tallulah Willis Praise Emma Heming Willis for Her Efforts in Raising Awareness About FTD

Scout and Tallulah Willis Praise Emma Heming Willis for Her Efforts in Raising Awareness About FTD

Scout and Tallulah Willis, the daughters of Hollywood legend Bruce Willis, have expressed their pride and admiration for Emma Heming Willis; Bruce’s wife. For her unwavering commitment to raising awareness about frontotemporal dementia (FTD). This comes following Bruce Willis’s diagnosis with the condition earlier this year.

Emma Heming Willis, the founder of Make Time Wellness, has been a pillar of strength while caring for her husband during this challenging time. On a recent appearance on the Today show alongside Susan Dickinson, the head of the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD), Emma took the opportunity to promote World FTD Week. Shedding light on this devastating condition.

In response to Emma’s heartfelt efforts, Scout, aged 31, shared a clip on Instagram. And penned a touching message expressing her pride and support for Emma’s advocacy.

I TRULY could not be more proud of @emmahemingwillis for being willing to step out into the public eye, (even though it’s terrifying!!!) to share our family’s story in service of spreading awareness about FTD,” Scout wrote.

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She went on to commend Emma’s dedication, stating, “Emma you are such a champion for this cause and you inspire me EVERY SINGLE F—ING DAY with your bravery and deep loving. Your courage is moving mountains #ftd #ftdawareness.

Emma, in a show of appreciation and affection, reposted Scout’s Instagram Story, expressing her love for her stepdaughter. Tallulah, aged 29, also shared her sister’s message on her own social media, adding, “So proud of my family @emmahemingwillis.”

During her appearance on The Today Show, Emma opened up about Bruce’s health, acknowledging the challenges of dealing with FTD. She revealed that it’s often difficult to determine whether Bruce fully comprehends what is happening to him, saying, “It’s hard to know.”

Emma emphasized the toll that dementia takes not only on the person diagnosed but also on the entire family, highlighting the profound impact it has had on their lives. She stressed that dementia truly is a “family disease.”

Bruce Willis’s journey with FTD became public knowledge in March 2022. And his family announced that he was stepping away from acting due to a diagnosis of aphasia, a language disorder. Subsequently, in February, Emma revealed that Bruce’s condition had progressed to frontotemporal dementia, a condition that tends to worsen over time.

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