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Master Chief Joins the Action in Rainbow Six Siege with New Sledge Elite Set

Master Chief Joins the Action in Rainbow Six Siege with New Sledge Elite Set

It’s time to don the Spartan armor and wield the iconic Gravity Hammer! Because Master Chief, also known as John-117, has just dropped into the world of Rainbow Six Siege. In an exciting collaboration, Ubisoft has introduced the Spartan-117 Elite Bundle. Bringing the beloved Halo character into close-quarters combat.

This crossover merges the universes of Rainbow Six Siege and Halo, offering fans a thrilling opportunity to transform their gameplay experience. The Spartan-117 Bundle, priced at 2670 R6 Credits, includes a fantastic array of 10 items that will have Halo enthusiasts and Rainbow Six Siege players alike eagerly diving into action.

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Here’s what the Spartan-117 Bundle has to offer:

Cortana Weapon Charm: Carry a piece of Halo’s AI genius with you into battle.

Master Chef Sledge Elite Skin Helmet: Don the iconic helmet of the Master Chief himself.

Master Chef Sledge Elite Skin Outfit: Embrace the full Spartan-117 look with this elite outfit.

Master Chief Elite Operator Card Background: Customize your operator card with the legendary Master Chief.

Master Chief Elite Operator Portrait: Let everyone know who’s leading your squad with this elite portrait.

Master Chief Elite Victory Celebration: Celebrate your triumphs in true Halo style.

Weapon Skin for the P226 MK 25: Give your sidearm a Halo-inspired makeover.

Weapon Skin for Sledge’s Breaching Hammer: Your breaching hammer has never looked this good.

Weapon Skin for the L85A2: Infuse the L85A2 with a touch of Halo flair.

Weapon Skin for the M590A1: Add some Master Chief magic to your shotgun.

To mark this momentous occasion, Ubisoft has also released an action-packed crossover trailer. Featuring the iconic Spartan making his dramatic entrance into Rainbow Six Siege.

Video by Ubisoft

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