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Season 3 of ‘Overwatch 2’ will Feature More Regular Re-Rankings for Players

Season 3 of 'Overwatch 2' will Feature More Regular Re-Rankings for Players

Overwatch 2’s Season 3 is almost here and the developers are already teasing some epic changes for Competitive Mode. Players will be re-ranked more frequently to ensure a fair matchmaking system. 

For Seasons 1 and 2, players were re-evaluated after seven victories or 20 defeats. Now, the stipulations for a re-ranking have changed to five wins and 15 losses as reported in a developer blog post. It’s increasingly likely that you will be matched with players of a comparable skill level. The post reads, “for our matchmaker, we’re implementing role delta changes that will match similarly ranked players within each role.”

Blizzard is introducing a range of exciting modifications to Ranked in the upcoming months. With Season 3, Blizzard will update its user interface to make it simpler for gamers to track their progress towards their next re-ranking. Top-level players can expect an updated Top 500 leaderboard rank after each match.

As we look ahead to the future, Team 4 is set to launch a series of stunning improvements for their competitive mode in season four come April. The post reads, “starting with Season 4, we’re planning to remove seasonal competitive rank resets and all current and past seasonal rank decay.” If true, your rank should reflect more accurately on your skill level after the completion of Season 4 placement matches. This will be either close to where you stopped at the end of Season 3.

In the past, players in Overwatch have often been placed at lower ranks than their actual skill level. This was due to a desire for them to have more space and opportunity to progress up the rankings rather than feeling stuck in one position indefinitely. It appears that Team 4 is taking a different approach from now on though.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that a full skill level reset will take place.

The post reads, “a full rating reset wouldn’t create a great experience since it would mean throwing out all the knowledge we have about players. This would cause new players to be matched against OWL pros, which is fun for about 30 seconds (we’ve experienced this ourselves in internal playtests).”

It continues, “to be clear, ratings aren’t a 100% accurate representation of every player’s skill. Some players aren’t in the right spot, but the system is a vast store of knowledge about the relationship in skill between millions of players, most of whom have never even directly played against one another.”

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